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Services we may never use again!

Can you think of other tools or services that are vanishing quickly?

  1. Archie: Archie was used to search for information stored on FTP servers and is now no longer in operation; this Web page is for historical interest only
  2. Gopher: The Internet Gopher Protocol; a distributed document
    search and retrieval protocol; describes this protocol used for
    presenting Internet information which was developed at the University
    of Minnesota just as the World Wide Web was being widely introduced;
    subsequent development of the Web and its browsers made Gopher
  3. Veronica: Veronica was used to search for information
    stored on gopher servers; as gopher died, so did Veronica; name
    derives from comic book character who was a friend of Archie,
    reflecting Veronica’s similar purpose with regard to Gopher as Archie
    was to FTP; definition with hypertext links from Free Online
    Dictionary of Computing
  4. WAIS: Wide Area Information Servers, a system for searching, browsing, and presenting
    information which was introduced with just as the World Wide Web grew
    in popularity with its easy-to-use graphical interface; no known
    operational WAIS servers in existence well before the 20th century’s
  5. Finger: Web form to try the finger command; unlikely to work, as
    most Internet hosts refuse finger requests; historical interesting but now almost useless.
  6. Telnet: Telnet is a user command and an underlying TCP/IP protocol for accessing remote computers. Telnet connections are in clear text so they’re not secure. Telnet was probably one of the main reasons why people got hacked so much because of hackers sniffing networks capturing passwords typed in clear text. Telnet has died publicly and slowly dying in private networks as well. It’s been replaced with SSH.
  7. Rsh/Rlogin: executes command on the specified hostname. To do so, it must connect to a rshd/rlogind service (or daemon) on the hostname machine. Just like telnet, this is unsecure and comes disabled on all new operating systems.
  8. Lynx: This text based browser sits on most Linux distros by default. This is probably being used by die hard command line geeks but not by general users. Many older text friendly based websites are being replaced with more 2.0 style graphics, ajax and etc. Lynx and other text browsers are unable to keep up and for this reason it’ll eventually get phased out.
  9. Modems: The good old modems (1200 – 56.6Kbps). Know anyone that still uses these?
    Almost everyone I know is on some sort of high speed connection. The good old days of using a text based connection such as Qmodem, Telex, Minicom, PPP accounts…It was good while they lasted.
  10. Talk – This was big back in the day. Talk with other users on other servers running Unix/Linux. This has become useless now as talk is blocked by firewall and by default disabled on most releases.
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