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Tool of the week – Event and Task Manager!

Came across this neat, simple and efficient task management utility.  It has almost no overhead and is simple, period.

It provides a format for using simple text files to store reminders, a command line interface for viewing stored information in a variety of convenient ways and a wx(python)-based GUI for creating and modifying items as well as viewing them. Displayed items can be grouped by date, context, keyword or project and can be filtered in a number of ways. A display of busy and free times is also supported as is a reckoning view of time spent that is suitable for client billing. Alarms are supported for events and repetition for both events and tasks in a powerful and flexible manner.


  • Quickly enter an event, task, action or note using a simple, intuitive format.
  • Easily specify tasks and events that repeat in complex ways
  • Quick completion of entry fields. When creating or modifying an item, enter ‘@c’ and press Shift and Space to select from a list of all your previously used contexts or enter ‘@c er’ and press Shift and Space to select from contexts beginning with ‘er’. Quick completion also works after @k for keywords. When entering viewing options, quick completion can also be used after ‘-c’ and ‘-k’.
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    this post is very usefull thx!

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