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Tool of the week – ftsh

I came across this the other day and figured I add it to my archives. The Fault-Tolerant Shell (ftsh) is a small language for system integration that makes failures a first class concept. Ftsh aims to combine the ease of scripting with very precise error semantics. It is especially useful in building distributed systems, where failures are common, making timeouts, retry, and alternation necessary techniques.

Some examples:

try for 30 minutes
     cd /tmp
     rm -f data
     forany host in xxx yyy zzz
           wget http://${host}/fresh.data data

If any element of the script fails, all running process trees are reliably cleaned up, and the block is tried again with an exponential backoff. You might think of this as exception handling for scripts.   This shell is probably a good starter for newbies out there that find shell scripting a bit cryptic.  ftsh makes it more readable and easily understandable.

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  1. ftshwanted
    July 27th, 2010 at 12:07 | #1

    How did you get it to run. I had a hard time finding the actual download link and when I did, I could not get it to compile on my debian system.

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