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2X Terminal Server for Linux – Offering Multi User Facilities!

2X Terminal Server for Linux is offering its users various facilities such as: individual Linux desktop, secure and suitable accessible from any corner of the world. The 2X Terminal Server for Linux is supported by the open basis of NX X-Windows compression protocol.


The X-Windows is having extreme bandwidth-intensive so it doesn’t run or level well over the small bandwidth connections. At the same way, the NX protocol can squeeze the X-Window protocol and permits its user to use a total Linux and Linux desktop as well as the window application above the less speed dial-up links. On LANs, number of users can carry it without upsetting network speed. Due to these reasons, the Linux is also known as the multi-user operating system that allows the number of users to solve their programs at a time. In this way, the user and companies are performing numbers of different applications easily without any complications.

At the same way, the 2X Terminal Server for Linux can provide their user lot of benefits such as: offers a secure and reliable environment for their user, and avoids the risk of security breaches and viruses through the operation of Linux desktop. The user can save more on Microsoft licenses by the Linux. In case, Linux is now going to take place on desktop, it may need the terminal server approach like that of the 2X Terminal Server for the Linux. Just with more advanced client approach, can Linux outdo the Windows fat costumers in the company’s network. The 2X is proud contributing to this just by opening source code of the terminal server program for the Linux.
Leverages lightning fast protocol: The compressed version of the X. 2X Terminal Server is totally based on an open source NX XWindows protocol. The XWindows is bandwidth intensive as well as thus will not scale well and run over the low bandwidth links. NX protocol on a other hand, compresses X Window protocol and allows the users to run the complete Linux Linux or Windows applications over the slow dialup links. On the LANs, that means a lot higher number of the clients are supported without even affecting the network speed.

Linux: Perfect multi user OS
Linux is suited ideally for the thin client or server based computing, as it was made from ground to be the multi-user. The application conflicts are less likely & management is made simpler.

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