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Basic Linux Security for Beginners – Need to Understand the Basic!


Today, safety is the prime concern in the online world. This type of issue can affect each and every person in several ways. These days, many system administrators are thinking to protect their system from unwanted applications and most importantly from hackers.

Now, there are several types of security packages available through which system users are protecting their system successfully. However, Linux is one of the best operating systems and provide the best in terms of security packages among other security applications.

As per the present market scenario, Linux security package has managed to draw more importance from system users due to offer strong defense programs, and good services. If you want to take chance for using the Linux security at your system, then you need to understand basic things of the Linux.

The basic of Linux security has described in the user’s manual which are available at online media. Often, you can get the details about Linux security from web hosting service providers. At the time of installation of Linux in your PC, you don’t have to configure your windows. However, you will need an online connection at your system so that you can easily setup the Linux security in your system. The Linux security is directly connected to the TCP and IP protocol.

When the system is set up, then there are some routine tasks that will further improve the security: Remove mention of the Linux distribution as well as version numbers from the banner files such as /etc/issue as well as /etc/issue.net Add warnings regarding unauthorised use & logging to the system banners Configure the daemons that is named to listen on interfaces you would like them on.

In case, you actually want to nail down system, then consider installing & running the comprehensive system script such as Bastille Linux (http://www.bastille-linux.org/). It makes plenty of the detailed changes on the system.

As Bastille runs, that tells you what is it doing; you may select to skip some steps, however you can certainly learn much about the security all along way. One of worst things that will happen is for the attacker to compromise the system, pilfer files, as well as then make use of system to launch attack on another victim, whereas you sit blissfully not aware of what is going on. In order, to ensure that the alarm bells ring while someone tampers with setup, then you must install the intrusion detection system.

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