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Thinstation – It’s so powerful yet Open Source!


Thinstation has been considered as a small, yet thin and powerful open source operating system that also supports different types of connectivity protocols. Few of these connectivity protocols have been mentioned below.

Citrix ICA
NoMachine NX
2X ThinClient
Microsoft Windows terminal services

Thinstation has been announced for the market in order to help users at their schoolroom, offices and business sectors. These applications or the operating systems can be used at different departments in order to keep the workflow smooth.

Thinstation is based on Linux. However, users for Thinstation will hardly see the Linux with this sort of open source operating system. If you are trying to get direct connection for the Windows or Unix Server, then the user may feel a direct connectivity on the server.

At the same time users can have a local browser or also known as the desktop utility. Thinstation only support Windows like operating system and there will be hardly any need to have knowledge about Linux or UNIX in order to get the most of this application.

Thinstation can be added for a general PC. In this regard, you can either use old systems or even you can save more time while working with the workstation administration. Thinstation is the thin costumer Linux distribution, which makes the PC full featured thin costumer supporting major connectivity protocols: the Citrix ICA, MS Windows services (RDP), NoMachine NX, telnet, Tarantella, X, VMS term, tn5250, as well as SSH.

There is no special configuration of application servers is required to use the Thinstation! Thinstation is booted from the network (for example diskless) making use of the Etherboot or PXE and from the local floppy, CD, HD, and flashdisk. Thin client configuration is centralized simplify the management.

The Thinstation also supports the client side storage (HD/ floppy/CD/USB) as well as printers (LPT or USB). The prebuilt images as well as Live CD are accessible too! Mozilla Firefox & lighter browsers are been supported as the client side browsers.

The Thinstation is the Linux distribution, which allows you to convert the standard PCs in the full featured diskless the thin clients supporting some of the major connectivity protocols such as Ica, X, Windows terminal services, Tarantella, NX, Ssh and TN5250, Telnet. It is well booted from a network making use of Etherboot or PXE and from standard media such as CD/ floppy/hd/flash-disk. Configuration is centralized in order to simplify the terminal management.

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