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x2vnc RDP – User Friendly!

x2vnc is a program that will allow the user to use two screens on two different computers just like they were connected to the similar computer. By using this program the user can move the mouse pointer beyond the right edge of the display.

You will be better able to know that if you have ever used x2x. From any VNC server x2vnc can send event from an x-windows. It can run on Microsoft Windows and it will not run without X-windows. The normal VNC server does not control the mouse and it creates a virtual server in memory. User need to use x11vnc if they want to control X11 display.

By using the shared option on x2vnc program user will allow several connections to the same VNC server. By using password file user can start x2vnc without putting the password. x2vnc software also offering additional functions like clipboard sharing.

There are also many other functions of x2vnc software. It is such a wonderful program that allows two machines to be controlled from the same mouse and keyboard. X2vnc also has more advanced clipboard support. One disadvantage of x2vnc software is that it is limited for two computers and it is perfect for using an X system to control a non X system. x2vnc is the implementation of VNC RFB protocol made to control the machine running VNC server in the dual monitor situation.

The effect is making controlled machine’s function like attached to controlling machine, and allowing use of one set of the input devices on 2 and more machines.x2vnc can allow you make use of 2 screens on different computers like they were been connected to same computer x2vnc 1.7.2 is the tools program that is developed by Hubinette Fredrik.

x2vnc can allow you make use of 2 screens on 2 different computers like they were well connected to similar computer. Even though one of computers runs the Windows 95 / 98 / NT as well as other one that runs Xwindows. In case, they are running Windows, and you would like to use the Win2VNC instead.

Personally, I also have 2 computers, with the linux installed, however I need to run the Windows 95 and Windows NT while working, and I got tired to switch between two keyboards. Thus I wrote the program. When running the program I may move mouse pointer beyond right edge of X display, and pointer can appear on screen on other computer.



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