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FreeNX – Making RDP Connections Fast and Quick!

http://linuxnotebook.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/freenx1.pngThere are several methods or applications have been announced for the market in order to keep the use of computer hassle free. Especially when you are using multiple numbers of computers, you should know more details about applications like FreeNX.

This is a kind of system which allows you to get the right access from the desktop you are operating to another computer on the network. It’s the FreeNX that use to take help of the internet to offer you a better connectivity with another computer on the network.

Apart from a better connectivity, FreeNX can also offer you several more benefits which will just make your computer use hassle free and really pleasant.

With the help of the FreeNX you can login with your own desktop graphically from another system. All you need to set up the FreeNX for the computer at your home while taking the help of FreeNX client. It has been considered as an open source which is also having a safe SSH base.

This sort of application is always fast and most importantly versatile on use. While trying to set up the FreeNX, you need to assume the computer for which you want to get the connection as the server. This will be the system where you need to install the FreeNX. Freenx is the application or thin costumer server based on the nx technology.

The NoMachine nx is next generation X compression as well as roundtrip suppression. It will operate the remote X11sessions more than 56k modem dial up links and anything better. The package has the free (GPL) implementation of nxserver component. The FreeNX Server is Free NX server implementation that is based on the NoMachine.com’s technology.

FreeNX is the set of the Bash scripts (around 3000 lines of the code together) as well as comes without any support. For the FreeNX to work, just you not need FreeNX scripts, however you need compiled NX sources from the NoMachine.com installed.

The FreeNX also allows you access to the machine remotely through ssh and display is powerful when compared to the X11 over ssh & it is describe as the equivalent of the Windows Terminal Services. FreeNX is the free NX server making use of NX protocol.

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