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Security Basics on Linux for Beginners

http://www.linuxtopia.org/LinuxSecurity/images/config_security.jpgLinux is one of the best security packages among others types of security packages. It can protect your system from hackers and unwanted programs. One of the best advantages of the Linux security is the hackers can’t the brake the code of Linux security that you offer at installation time.

These days, you can get the new version of Linux security at online media. If you want to use the Linux at your system, then you need to understand the basic about how to use. Linux can simplify the operating programs so that users can use their system easily. It is directly connected to the TCP and IP protocol.

When you are moving to install the Linux security on your system, then you need to offer a strong password. So, without you any one can’t open your confidential details in a system. It can manage more than 20 operating systems at a time.

At present, Linux security is the modern and powerful tool that can protect your confidential page in your website. However, to understand basic of the Linux security is not possible for everyone. If you want to use the Linux security package at your system. So, you need to understand the basic of Linux security, and you can get the basic information of the Linux at online.

Second problem is been solved just by moving passwords out of /etc/passwd as well as in /etc/shadow that is readable & writable only by the root. But, it is possible that unforeseen vulnerability in application and daemon somewhere can allow remote attacker get the copy of shadow password file.

In case, it happens, he may go to work on that with a cracking tool such as John the Ripper, Slurpie or Crack that perform the dictionary attacks as well as brute force attacks.

The serious attacker will afford to let run for days, however experience shows any weak passwords – the dictionary words and the derivatives (such as word spelled backwards) are turned up in some hours at a most.

Therefore, do not use the dictionary words as the passwords. Do not use information that attacker can find out regarding you and guess, like car registration, spouse’s name, pet’s names, and many more. As double check, make use of netstat -put command and see what daemons are now listening on the ports for the outside connections.

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