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File System – All The Basics

Well, it’s the time to up-to-date with technology field because there are numbers of advance technologies have been evolved through which computer users are getting right solution to their technical problems.

If you are facing file storage problem, then you need to look for the file system because it is the best way for naming the files and stored in the right place on a database.

Keep in mind that files have placed in a directory and subdirectory. At present, all sorts of operating system like DOS, UNIX, Macintosh, Windows and OS/2 are having the file system.

One more thing, you can store the files like tree structure or hierarchical in these operating systems. Now, you have the good option to select the best operating system through which you can easily store your essential files and documents. Basically, this sort of file system has preferred by the professional computer users. So, you can get more information about this sort of system from them.

Thus, in case, the hard drive had ten Kilobytes worth of the total disk space, which will mean it is been divided in twenty sectors. However, file system will not deal with hard drive on the sector by sector. In place, that groups bunch of the sectors together in the cluster, and that deals with cluster. The clusters are as well called as allocation units by the DOS.

Thus, one more method to think about is to suppose every sector on the hard disk is person carrying the bag, where you may store around 512 bytes of the information in every bag. Now in place, of numbering every person as 1,2,3 … File system takes many people & put them in the group, as well as call this group 1. Thus, in case, you had around 400 people, and file system decided put four people to the group, you would have hundred groups.

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