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Linux Monitoring the basics

Due to various advantages now so many computer users are move towards the Linux operating system in place of Windows. This OS is having some easy features through which the new users can access any application without any assistance. At the same way, it is open sources platform for the users through which users can solve any sorts of work like personal, commercial and web base programs.

Among other advantage of the Linux monitoring applications are allowing the users to judge the security and web base programs to avoid any sorts of problem. Linux monitoring applications are also the right option for the users to secure their personal and commercial sensitive web base programs. Instead of others, the Linux operating system has availed include with the monitoring software through which the computer users can track the security system in their system. So, Linux monitoring application is the right option for system security. The network monitoring is simpler with the Penguin Monitor 8s.

With the ability to monitor operating systems that includes Microsoft Windows 2003, 2008, 2000, AIX, HPUX, Oracle Solaris, OS/400, as well as OpenVMS, eG Enterprise gives single pane of the glass from where the administrators will monitor the heterogeneous multi-vendor center servers from the single console. Remotely monitor the Linux server farm – and from anywhere, anytime, making use of web console.

Get proactive alerts, which help you to detect & correct the problems with Linux servers as well as applications prior to users complain. View the historical reports regarding Linux servers, which help you to determine where the bottlenecks are while you have to plan for the capacity. Easy to user interface makes sure that the Level 1 support staff will very effectively handle the customer trouble calls & call the expert Linux administrators just for solving the complex problems.

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