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Ubuntu for Beginners – Few Names to Recon!

http://www.thevarguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/ubuntu-logo.jpgThere are several Ubuntu users and all these users are really trying to make the most of their systems. This sort of application has been generated in order to make the systems working proper as well as offering users more flexibility on the use. However, sometime users may come across few issues while trying to use Ubuntu with their systems. If you are really looking for the best use of Ubuntu, then you need to consider few points beforehand. In this regard, the first step you should consider such a PC or laptop for which Ubuntu has already been installed.

There are several models for PC and laptops are available in the market for which Ubuntu has been pre installed and offering users wide range of productivity on the use. Dell, System 76, ZaReason are the few computer manufacturers names that are offering their users a great use of Ubuntu by offering it in a pre installed format.  If you are looking for the best use of Ubuntu, then ask the retailers about the PCs or laptops for which Ubuntu has been installed previously.

These names are also the most reputable names that deal in Ubuntu equipments for several years. Then right-click desktop and select ‘Change Desktop Background’ for loading. You may also change look of the desktop’s windows from ‘Appearance Preferences’ window and then click Theme tab, and click on the style and see how that can actually look and in case, you click on ‘Customise’, then you may combine the elements from various themes that you want. Select one, hit [Tab] or use [down] arrow for selecting action to perform on that.

In order, to get most out of the Ubuntu desktop, then you will require optimal drivers for the graphics card. Theey are not at all installed by the default, however in case, you go to the ‘System | Administration or Hardware Drivers’, you can see all your options that you have. Choose latest driver, and install it or restart.

You can then get the fancier looking desktop in case, you switch on the visual effects (‘System Preferences Appearance Visual Effects’). Then install ‘compiz’ settings application – then search Synaptic for the ‘compizconfig’ –as well as you will have an access to a lot more stylish tweaks. There is the neat desktop application, which is based on code behind the Gnome-Do (discussed elsewhere), which emulates dock from the Mac OS X.

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