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Graphic Design for Linux Systems – Hassle Free Installation!

http://www.blog.arun-prabha.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/startforce2.JPGLinux operating system is known to be the most user friendly operating system. It support several hardware and can be installed on desktop. Most of the user are prefers Linux over Windows because of its various functionality.

It can be installed in desktop computers as well as mobile phones. The fastest supercomputers of the world are run on Linux. The Linux is considered as the leading server operating system. Red Hat Enterprise, Ubuntu, Fedora and Suse are the main distribution of Linux operating system.  The main Advantage of Linux operating system is its cost effectiveness.

It is available free of cost and you don’t have to worry about free trial version expiry.  This operating system does not require rebooting periodically to maintain the performance level. The Linux is well known for its high level performance.

The user guide of Linux operating system comes with user friendly installation and that make it possible for anyone to install it without any hassle. Recent versions of software include following features:

* The Turing complete scene description language, which supports macros & loops.

* Radiosity

* Support for many geometric primitives as well as constructive geometry

* Library of the ready made scenes, textures, as well as objects

* Atmospheric effects like fog & media (clouds and smoke)

* Several types of the light sources

* Surface patterns like bumps, wrinkles, as well as ripples, for use in the procedural textures & bump mapping

* Reflections, refractions, as well as light caustics making use of photon mapping

* Image format support for the textures as well as rendered output, that includes PNG, TGA, JPEG among others

* Extensive documentation

It is accessible in the official versions for the Mac OS/Mac OS X, Windows, as well as i86 Linux. Source code is accessible for wanting to do own ports. In case, you are making use of sing Ubuntu Linux for a few time as well as have tried 3Ddesign applications then feel free for using comment box below & share them.

While you talk about the graphic designing it generally associated with the operating systems such as Mac OS X and Windows as those are ” best” platforms your use due to Adobe Photoshop as well as other top design softwares as well as applications.

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