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Using Lighttpd, Nginx and other Web Servers on Linux – Offering Best Flexibility to the Linux User!

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The Apache HTTP sever is far better and well known web server on the internet, which is used by most of the Linux users. Comparing to other web server the Apache web server is offering best flexibility to the Linux system.

Apache’s security and flexibility is one of the foremost reasons why web server administrators choose it over the long run. Configuration of Apache web server is well documented and if you are very new to the web server, then Apache is probably the best place to begin. It is available in the default package on several Linux systems.

It is as well good to note it is the cross platform as well as can run on Windows & Linux systems. Rounding out top of list we have other web server program, Google (who makes use of their private custom server application), nginx & lighttpd. Three I can detail as best Linux server software are nginx, lighttpd, as well as Apache.


Lighttpd (pronounced as “Lighty”) was born from the desire to make the fast, and secure or reliable web server with the small memory footprint. Also, from the functional standpoint that works much same as the Apache, widely used web server with very less memory that is used on the busy servers & greater throughput while pushed to the limit. It powers many high traffic sites like YouTube and Wikipedia.

Configuration is completely very same to the Apache (that most of the people are been used to) but syntax is different. The documentation is thorough and can guide you any set up tasks you require. There are a lot of how tos accessible online that will help you through setup of server that depends on the OS or else you may check Google for the specific details. Best how tos are accessible over at Howtoforge & you might have to do a few Googling to find out the specific instructions for the situation.


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