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Why Linux is Easier and Cheaper than Windows or Mac – Common Question before Everyone!

http://www.computersavenue.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/hp-mini-1000-mi.jpgWhy Linux is easier and cheaper than Windows or Mac? It is a common question that every user wants to know before using it. There are lots of reasons behind it because according to the huge popularity of the windows from last several years.

It is never allow any one to secure their place in this field. Due to these reasons, the Linux user can get all sorts similar facilities like other expensive operating system. The main mottos of the Linux designer are competing with other reputed brands by decreasing their product’s cost. In this regard, the designers of the Linux are put pressure on the system users to think about their products.

The lower price of the product is never mention that it has some poor quality than other, so the designers are decreasing their cost to stay on the market. However, it is never so easy for the normal users to understand the process deeply.

At the same way, many leading enterprises have examined Linux deals mainly in order to set pressure on their accessible suppliers to lower prices. In this regard, they have never switched it for the industry observers in their business arena in place of the operating system. Here is why the Windows is much better than the Linux. (1) Installing the programs is simple with the windows as there is the standard.

Try to install the VLC as well as you can see what I actually mean. (2) So, anytime you try and install and change something on own computer you need to type the password. God forbid if you run a program in root, you get warning that exists. (3) Then installing anything very good in the Linux needs entire weekend to end up to learn how you can reinvent wheel. (4) To actually use any of the Linux distribution you are going to need to take the classes how the Linux works and spend some time reading lots of books as well as forums.

With help of various developers working in Apple and somewhere else, large OS X performance gap earlier reported here is significantly reduced. Most important improvement is use of the efficient algorithm that relies on the optimized BLAS for performing the key matrix operations.


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