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Apache Performance Tuning on Linux – So many options

Apache is common types of web server that have made balance among the entire setting and performance of the server. It is also help protect the server from the swap files. It is also playing a major role to increasing the performance of the server. It is also best option for the Linux users to get number of additional options by using through it. It is also help the server administrator to increasing the performance of the Linux system. On the other, it is also solve the issue of RAM that much essential to enhance the performance of the Web server

The procedure to do this is simple: decide size of the average Apache process, just by looking at the process list through tool like top, and divide it in the total available memory, and leaving a few rooms for some other processes. Beyond this rest is mundane: get the fast enough CPU, fast network card as well as enough of disks, where the “fast enough” is something, which has to get determined by the experimentation. The operating system option is largely the matter of the local concerns. However, some guidelines have proven normally useful are:

Run latest stable release & patch level of operating system, which you select. Lots of OS suppliers have also introduced some significant performance improvements to the TCP stacks as well as thread libraries in the recent years.

In case, OS supports a sendfile system call, ensure that you install release or patches required to enable that. (With Linux, example, it means making use of Linux 2.4 and later. For the early releases of the Solaris 8, you might have to apply the patch.) On the systems where it is accessible, sendfile allows Apache 2 to deliver the static content faster as well as with the lower CPU utilization. For the best performance, thus, make use of IP addresses, instead of names, while using the directives, in case, possible.

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