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Microsoft NFS Problems

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NFS is the file sharing service that is designed by the Microsoft for the Unix or Linux operating systems. It is known to be efficient and user friendly in sharing the files across the network between servers and clients, it poses some problems in the terms of the connection limitations & security risk.



The Network File System was developed at 1989 by the Sun Microsystems and it allows the users to share the files across the network server, useful tool for the businesses & organizations who want to share their information on one server or network.


Limited Connection

The NFS has the limited network connection that means even on the high powered, and low traffic networks, it may make not more than 12.5megabytes every second. The limitation can also result in the slower and delayed workflow in an office.


Data Blocks

The users will tailor Unix file system to the preferences. For instance, the user with the small files would like to use the smaller block size, as well as user with the large amounts of the files can prefer the large block size. While the larger blocks of the data are required, size and amount should match that of a disk block size to produce the viable disk read. In case, it doesn’t, it may try to write the data to a lot of files as well as use up the memory and space.



The NFS as well poses the security risk to client & server machines. The NFS performs the authentication to user making a request and machine. Though NFS makes use of public and private key encryption to give the safety to the users, it is the simple system to hack, as well as hackers can use the outside machine to impersonate server or client.

Problem to deal with the restarts is been solved using the ancillary protocol named statd that is responsible to track and report restarts on behalf of some other protocols. The statd handles 2 kinds of the requests: programs on local machine will ask the statd to notify it when the specific remote machines gets restart, as well as remote machines will ask statd notify them when local machine restarts. It is as well possible to cancel the requests, and while things shut down, they may cancel all the outstanding requests.

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