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File System – Allowing the Users to Access the Data Effectively!

How to use the file system technology on a computer? This sort of question is playing an important role in every computer user’s life. If you are facing this sort of question, then you need to understand the file system procedure first. The file system is one of the best methods or techniques for storing and organizing the computer files and essential data.

Keep in mind that, this sort of storing procedure can be happened by a secure data storage devices which is easily manipulations, organize, and convertible. This sort of file system procedure has distinguished in two processes such as directory service and and registry. Also, the file system is responsible for addressing the data in fixed-sized units which is commonly known as Clusters, or Blocks. One of the most advantageous features of file system is allowing the users to access any sorts of data effectively through a computer.  Thus, what I am saying is:

Cluster Size = Disk Space or Number of the Clusters Possible

And as Cluster Size is straight proportional to the wasted space (and in other words, like cluster size increases, waste space as well increases), we may see what we want is the file system that will handle large number of the clusters. This is where the FAT16 and the FAT32 differ. The FAT32 will handle more groups then the FAT16 can. However, why is this? Simple explanation is FAT32 will count much higher than the FAT16. Like I said above, every cluster is been numbered by file system. The FAT16 makes use of 16 bit numbers for counting clusters. This means FAT16 makes use of binary numbers of around 16 digits. Consequence is that highest FAT16 will count to 2^16 – 1 or 65535.

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