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Linux Routing – Developing the Internet Protocol!

Linux routing is the main necessity to develop the Internet protocol for any websites. Due to fast use of computer as well as networking service the routing process is much essential for perfect mapping. However, the process is become much simpler for users through the Linux routing instead of other. With the help of this process the user will makes communication process much smoother in short networking area with other networks. In this regard, the Linux operating systems users will get much benefit with Linux routing because its makes the whole working process smoother. Linux Routing process will manage all the data and processing them to move towards the routing table. In this way, routing process is work like the gate way through which router receives mass data and information. Linux routing is also the right option for the online users of the small networks to mapping any IP address from their network coverage.

Multinetwork routing

Thus, what happens in case, you have the complicated network? Let us now assume for the moment you have 2 LANs, first with network & second with network. Also, there is the firewall between 2 networks, with 2 network cards: eth0 is been attached to network, whereas eth1 is been attached to network.

Understanding the routing

On UNIX and Linux systems, the information on how the packets are being forwarded is been stored in the kernel structure named routing table. You have to manipulate the table while configuring the computer to talk with other computers across the network. Routing table is been used for static & dynamic routing. The dynamic routing comprises of kernel making choices as which route, and out of the multiple present routes, packet must take. As dedicated routers & ISPs normally deal with the dynamic routing, I will not go in detail, since it is beyond scope.





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