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Linux Routing – Get the Secure Connection!

Routers are the most important components of the internet. As we know each bit of information on the internet goes through many routers. Internet uses most of the routers that are made by Cisco. These routers are having good performance but come at a high price. In situation where we need to avoid financial crisis, the Linux routing is an attractive alternative option. It can be almost free when it used as a simple gateway for a LAN. All you need is more than one network interface and an old 486DX machine. If you have a small lab with several LANS and want to setup a secure connection to the internet, then the price of a commercial router may not be affordable for you. The most affordable solution in this case is to use Linux routing which is a micro distribution of Linux.  It is a reliable as well as secure connection to the internet. The packets are coming from other needs to get forwarded in the special method so they come at appropriate destination.

In Daily Drill Down, I can introduce you routing & then routing with Linux operating system. What do you mean by linux routing? No matter whether you are aware of how that works, each time when you connect the computer to network, and you are also dealing with an issue of routing. The routing is means to send the IP packet from a point to other. For example, while you send the email message to the friend in other country or across street, you are now transmitting the series of the IP packets, and datagrams, from the computer to friend’s computer. Thus, how does information get there? Well, the system sends packets, which comprise of the email message to the specified gateway.


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