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Ubuntu for Beginners – Know The Procedure To Install Ubuntu!

http://www.techotopia.com/images/1/12/Ubuntu_linux_ppoeconf.jpgIf you are a beginner and want to install Ubuntu on your computer, then it is not an easy task at all. You have to follow some user’s guide and installation process to install Ubuntu on your system. You have to know about the procedure and how it works and how can you optimize the system for better result. You have to read some beginners guide tips to have better optimization of the system. While you are using ubuntu system for the first time you will see a boot flash screen which is called as USplash.

When your Linux program is booting the USplash covers up what is going on the background. To create your Ubuntu desktop first you have to type of the user name and password and after that you will find that the program is loading and after a few second the ubuntu desktop appear on your screen. It is always a better solution for users to try ubuntu program on their computer without any change of setting. Ubuntu 10.10 is the latest version of ubuntu software available in the market.

This version of ubuntu was preferred by many IT experts and it is also very well known for its faster processing and easy access. All this deserve place on the hard drive. There is single package, which can open up the world of more customisation choices for you, and it is the ubuntu tweak. You may also download DEB package by installing the repository manger. Type the sudo wget http://mac4deb.googlepages.com/addrepo / usr/bin/addrepo in the terminal window for installing the addrepo, and then sudo chmod +x usr/bin/addrepo for setting the permissions in a right way.

To add some functionality to the Ubuntu you need to begin with the Gnome-Do that simplifies as well as speeds up looking for the programs as well as files, and activating the functions. So, look in a package manager for the ‘gnome-do’ (and install that making use of aptget) for adding it. You can now find that in Ubuntu menu. Get the Gnome-Do running, and hit [Super]+[Space] and [Super] is [Windows] key on the standard computer keyboard. Left hand pane has item that you are looking for, when right hand pane can eventually have an action to get applied to. We can make use of Firefox as the example application for the Gnome-Do.

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