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Why People Choose Windows over Linux Still – Compare the Features and Benefits!

http://www.teknobites.com/wp-content/images/tekno/linux05.jpgNow, there are many system users falling in on hustle and bustle that which is the perfect operating system to use in their PC. If you are one of them, then you need to consider some aspects of the Windows operating system and Linux operating system. One of the best benefits of the Windows operating system you can use it any hardware device, and also you can run different types of games and application easily. On the contrary, the Linux operating system is offering safe and reliable features to the users for using their application successfully. Users can use the Windows operating system with any types of online connection, but the Linux is requiring only TCP and IP protocol to use in a system. One of the important features of the Windows operating systems have been designed through strong DNS and it is best for hosting a website safely.

Present days, there are some another types of causes available so that Windows operating system stand on demandable position than Linux. Whatever, when you are selecting one of the best operating systems in between Linux and Windows that time you need to consider about your requirements. So, you can know which operating system is fulfilling your requirements smoothly. You may hear a lot of different arguments, few in favor of the Linux as well as others in the favor of the Windows. So, both of options have benefits as well as drawbacks. But, some people are selecting to use the Windows hosting, they have a lot of the good reasons for making this decision.

Why are a lot of using Windows? One of largest reasons is Linux just doesn’t have same number of the options as the Windows does. The Windows can work with the applications that the Linux will not, and most of the developers love freedom they have with making the interactive pages. In case, you would like to have lots of interactivity on site, then selecting Windows is the good idea. Most of the people are as well concerned about the security of the sites, as well as Windows gives you a lot of safety choices. You can find they have the new features as well as upgrades for the security, which come out on the regular basis.


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    I have an older pc with xp. Tomorrow i format and i install linux mint 12 so i can send you my feedback

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