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Linux for Windows Users – Get Many Advantages!

Operating system is the most vital part of a computer and it assists the users to interact with the system. There are two types of operating system are used widely by the consumer such as Linux and Windows operating system. Although, Windows OS is still widely used by the consumers, but slowly and steadily the Linux operating system is managing a reputed position in the computer market. In comparison to Windows the Linux users have the power to control just about every aspect of the OS.  Well, if you are a Windows user and wanting to work on the Linux environment then it is quite possible these days. There are several advantages you can get from the Linux operating system over the Windows OS. Nor only you can get the Linux OS in cheap but also can access it so easily. So what are you waiting for, get the Linux OS to have the best advantage.

Also, it is one of first commercial distributions for integrating Portland 1.0 tools. The developers will also use the tools to make applications, which will very easily integrate in the Linux desktop irrespective of whether desktop is GNOME and KDE based. This is all well, however here is important part. This actually is the Linux distribution that the Windows user will make use of without tears. In order, to quote Kim, from his overview of the Linux desktops, “Xandros exactly did what that claimed: open the simpler passage for the Windows users through mountains of Linux.” Exactly. This is why, for me, the Xandros is Linux for the Windows users who grown sick & tired of the Windows’ endless safety holes and occasional crash. The Xandros works, and that works enough such as Windows XP, which even most Linux phobic client can appreciate that.



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