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Management and Configuration – UNIX Services

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Services for the UNIX Administration the MMC console is been used to administer Client for the NFS and the Server for NFS, however not Gateway for the NFS service. In order, to open a console, you may either launch that from Start menu or else by opening sfumgmt.msc snap from within the MMC console. On the other hand, you may administer most of the NFS choices from command line. So, complete command syntax is accessible from command line just by typing:


nfsadmin [client | server | gw] /?


Client for the NFS

Properties you may modify for Client for the NFS are:


Authentication –Mapping server use for the authentication

File Permissions –Default file permissions and defaults are:




Performance –Settings for following performance associate factors (their default values):


Transport Protocol – UDP

Mount Type – Soft

Timeout – 0.8 seconds

Retries – 1

Write Buffer Size – 32 Kb

Read Buffer Size – 32 Kb


Connecting to the NFS Export


Connecting to the NFS export is done in various methods, making se of either the standard Windows syntax or standard UNIX syntax. From command line you may also use standard Windows NT or 2000 “net” commands, and more UNIX like command with syntax. Or just browse the Network Neighborhood in Explorer. From command line, following are equivalent:


net use * server1:/home

net use * \\server1\home

mount server1:/home *

mount \\server1\home *


Whenever you are certain you are connecting to the NFS export, make use of UNIX server:/share syntax for the faster set up of connection.


Server for the NFS

SFU gives the robust Server for the NFS, which give the disk sources from the Windows NT or 2000 or XP machines to machine on the network, which supports the NFS. In order, to administer Server for the NFS, make use of Services for the UNIX MMC console and from command line, make use of nfsadmin. Complete the command line syntax that is accessible from command line just by typing:


nfsadmin [client | server | gw] /?


From SFU MMC console, also you may set following options:


  • Server Settings – the settings, which  affect the performance
  • Locking –grace period for the locks and list of the current locks
  • Logging –size & location of a logging file, as well as operations to audit
  • Client Groups – that is used to group the client machines for simple setting of the permissions


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