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Apache Performance Tuning On Linux – Improve the Performance of Your Linux System!

The greatest way for turning a server is to have dedicated service such as Apache webserver. Now, user can get a lot of improvement on their Linux system by using Apache webserver. It is really tuning up the performance of Linux system that you can not believe easily.  By using Apache webserver on your Linux system you can have the opportunity to use your personal server, server load, development and architecture. However, you should always take care to keep a backup of your earlier configuration file when you do such tuning on your Linux system. Well, it is a real useful tool to improve the performance of your Linux system.

Choosing the MPM

Apache 2.x supports the pluggable concurrency models, named Multi-Processing Modules. While building the Apache, you should select then MPM to use. Also, there are the platform-specific MPMs for a few platforms: beos, mpm_netware, mpm_winnt and mpmt_os2. For the general Unix type of systems, there are many MPMs from that to choose and choice of the MPM will affect speed & scalability of httpd:

Worker MPM makes use of the multiple child processes with a lot of threads. Every thread handles connection at the time. Worker normally is the good option for the high traffic servers as it has the smaller memory footprint than prefork MPM. Prefork MPM makes use of multiple processes with a thread each. And each process handles connection at one time. On a lot of systems, the prefork is comparable in the speed to worker, however it makes use of more of memory. Prefork’s threadless has benefits over the worker in a few situations: it is used with the non thread safe 3rd-party modules, also it is simpler to debug on the platforms with the poor thread debugging support. For information on these & other MPMs, see MPM documentation.


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