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Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Provides Numerous Helpful Features!

If you are looking for one of the best open source engineering application on Linux then BRL-CAD is such type of open source engineering application can fulfil your needs. Engineers can use it to engage in solid modeling. This software is also great with interactive editing, image processing tools and analysis capability. This is really a great tool for any open source engineering toolbox. This open source engineering program can be used with great success on Linux and UNIX. It also provides numerous helpful features and valuable tweaks that can help you to improve your abilities. So just move for it!

And not familiar with the del.icio.us? Open source nature of the Linux has intrigued embedded engineers, as well as latest kernel releases have given the new features allowing more of robust functionality for the embedded applications. The enhanced real time performance, simpler porting to the new architectures, and support for the microcontrollers as well as improved IO system give the embedded engineers more reasons to like Linux! However, rapid evolution of Linux world will result in the eternal search for the new information sources, which can help the embedded programmers to keep that up! The completely updated edition of noted Doug Abbott’s respected the introduction to the embedded Linux brings the readers to speed on latest developments. The practical, handson guide covers many issues of the special concern to the Linux users in embedded space, and taking in account the specific needs as well as constraints.

You can find the updated information on:

• BlueCat Linux

• Configuring & building kernel

• GNU toolchain

• Debugging on target

• Devices Drivers

• Kernel Modules

• RTAI environment

• Realtime programming tips & techniques

• Embedded Networking

• Lots more

Accompanying CDROM has all source code from book’s examples, useful software as well as other resources for helping you to get up to speed fast. This is reference you can reach for one again! Summit Technology gives the comprehensive enterprise level Linux support for entire IT environment and from desktop to data center.

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