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Open Source Financial Applications on Linux – Best for All Business Owners!

These days, there are numbers of business owner have preferred the Linux financial applications to use in their businesses for its reliability, high performance, rapid development, and a complete features list. You can avail this software in cheap from the market, and it doesn’t require any serious configuration during the time of installation. Due to great features, this software has managed to draw more appreciation from business owners around the globe. It is the right time for you to take tons of advantages from this software for your business. When you are selecting the best financial application on Linux, you need to look the special features through which you can maintain your business balance sheet properly. Importing the QIF files is easy, as well as entering the transactions is intuitive. The Gnucash will export to the TXF format for the tax preparation programs.

Moneydance does need Java and luckily, there are the versions of the Moneydance that generally come prepackaged with the Java, thus those who are weary of task to install the Java (particularly on Linux machine) do not need to worry. Interface is very intuitive and moneydance costs around $39.99 every license. There is not any corporate and individual licensing.

Appgen MyBooks

In case, you are searching for the commercial and accounting level software, then this may be what you require. Written for the Linux, Windows, and OS X, this program package is the double entry as well as fully audited & conforms to standards of GAAP (normally accepted accounting principles.) The MyBooks are purchased as the single user license, 2user license, as well as 10user license. It is set up as the single system or client or server network system. The free trial version of the MyBooks is accessible and this package as well handles inventory (that includes the perpetual inventory), the service based businesses, statements, charting, ODBC, batch entries, as well as vouchers.


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