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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Required for Music Composers!

Now, in various professional works like the movie editors, Graphic designers, music composers as well as multimedia addicts the Linux is vastly use. These professional works are also required unique software for operation and designing. However, the professional designers can get above all designing facilities through the Linux system. You can also make the multimedia designs like complicated work smoothly through the Linux. In this way, Ubuntu Linux distribution is easily geared to the normal multimedia creation. It is also including with advanced audio software for play back and editing. Professional graphic design in Linux is also having with modeling applications like GIMP, Blender, and Inkscape.

Linux Software Graphics & Image

Following is the selection of the Linux based graphics & image editing program. The applications with the free versions are been listed before the commercial programs. Freeware & GNU Library Public License come with the restrictions. The users must check the copyright & licensing statements from developers


Brief introduction to free & open source Inkscape software & scalable vector graphics


Artstream is the comprehensive design software that allows the complete image, brochure, document, as well as magazine production on the Linux, making use of brush, pen, as well as shading tools, and layout of the multi-page documents with the exact typography & photo effects.


DuhDraw for the Linux is much like Draw for the DOS that is been used to draw the ANSI screens, mud screens and login screens.


Giftrans converts GIF file in the GIF89a and is used to set transparent and background color, adding and removing the comments. Also gives code to analyze the GIF contents.

GNU Ghostscript and Ghostview

Ghostscript outputs the postscript & PDF files to various display & printing devices, also to many graphics formats. The Ghostview is X11 user interface for the Ghostscript, and allowing you view & navigate the PostScript files.


GIMP is the free, powerful and robust, image manipulation program appropriate for these tasks as the photo retouching, image authoring and image composition.


Collection of around 60Unix tools, which allows user manipulate data to make Encapsulated PostScript File illustrations.


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