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DNS, LDAP and JMS on Linux – Creating Possibility to Draw More Internet Traffic!

Domain name for any server is playing a major role to boost the flow of Internet traffic.  However, the DNS server is an element of the global networks of the server that decode the host name into numerical Internet Protocol address. These are also more essential for the computers to connect with each other and make the communication process easier. It is also permitting the users to simply memorize the URLs and Email address in place of large string of numbers.  The main advantage of the DNS server on the Linux is to develop the needs of traffic on the user’s internal network without having to rely on other DNS server that located out of their network.

Thus, which DNS server has DNS records for the domain? Whenever you register the domain name with somebody like the Network Solutions, one things that they ask you are server names & addresses of 2 and 3 “name servers” (the DNS servers). And these are servers where DNS records for the domain are been stored (as well queried by DNS servers of the browsing to site). Thus, where you get “name servers” information for the domain? Generally, when you host the Web site using the Web hosting service also they not just give the Web server for domain’s site files however they can as well give the DNS server for storing the domain’s DNS records. In some other words, you would like to know who the Web hosting provider will be prior to you register the domain name (thus you may enter provider’s DNS server information in name servers segment of domain name application).

Linux LDAP authentication

Whenever you want to administer the network of machines, you fast find out how much of duplication is involved with the normal administrative tasks. The routine operations such as canceling accounts, changing passwords, as well as modifying the groups become very time consuming in case, repeated on a lot of individual machines. Also, centralizing user & authentication information will solve the issues.

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