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Apache Performance Tuning on Linux – Balancing Performance of Server!

Apache 2.x is a common type Web server designed that offer a balance performance, portability as well as flexibility to server for smoother work. It is also specially designed for the benchmark records. It is also cable to offer high performance instead of any other tools. With comparison to other versions of the Apache the Apache 2.x is having many additional features that increasing the scalability. On the other hand, it is also takes less time for configuration, so the user can easily install it. It is also loaded with advanced a feature that never affects the system hardware and configuration at the time of installation.

Hostname Lookups or other DNS considerations

Before Apache 1.3, Hostname Lookups defaulted at On and this adds the latency to each request as it needs the DNS lookup for completing before request is completed. In the Apache 1.3 setting defaults to Off. In case, you want to have addresses in the log files resolved for hostnames, use log resolve program, which comes with the Apache, or many log reporting packages that are available. It is suggested you do this type of the post processing of the log files on a few machines other than production server machine, that the activity not affect the server performance. In case, you use Allow from domain and Deny from the domain directives (that is making use of hostname, and domain name, rather than IP address) you can then pay for 2 DNS lookups (reverse, followed by forward lookup to ensure reverse is not spoofed). Note it is likely to scope directives, like within <Location /server-status> segment. In this particular case DNS lookups are just performed on the requests matching criteria. Here is one example that disables the lookups except for .html & .cgi files:

Hostname Lookups off

<Files ~ “\.(html|cgi)$”>

Hostname Lookups on


But still, in case, you need the DNS names in a few CGIs you can consider doing gethostbyname call in specific CGIs, which need.


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