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Apache Performance Tuning on Linux – Bring More Customer’s Attractions!

If you want to enhance your website tuning, then Apache performance tuning on Linux is the best option for you. This technology can help you to enhance performance of your website in a productive manner. By using the Apache performance tuning on Linux, you can bring more costumer attraction for your product and services. In this regard, you can improve your product sales in the market. Now, you need to install this technology in your website for a better performance. Before using the Apache performance tuning on Linux, you need to know the specification which are available in online media. So, it’s time to use this sort of technology in your website.


In case, at possible, avoid the content negotiation in case, you are actually interested in each last ounce of the performance. In practice benefits of the negotiation outweigh performance penalties. There is a case where you may speed up server. In place of using the wildcard like:

DirectoryIndex index

Use the complete list of the options:

DirectoryIndex index.cgi index.pl index.shtml index.html

Where you can list most common option first and note that explicitly making the type map file gives better performance than making use of MultiViews, as necessary information is determined by reading single file, instead having to scan directory for files. In case, your website requires content negotiation consider making use of type map files, instead Options MultiViews directive for accomplishing negotiation. See Content Negotiation documentation for the full discussion of methods of the negotiation, as well as instructions for making type files.

Memory mapping

In the situations where the Apache 2.x has to look at contents of the file to be delivered–for instance, while doing server side will include processing—and it generally memory maps file if OS supports some type of mmap. On a few platforms, the memory mapping enhances performance. But, there are the cases where the memory mapping will hurt performance or stability of httpd:


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