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DNS, LDAP and JMS on Linux – Offering Speed Processing Of the Server!

DNS, LDAP and JMS are the Linux based server that is making the networking process easier. The DNS based Linux requires a local name resolution. These types of servers should determine the hostname of the system on the users LAN. Basically, the DNS server is making entire web based programs more faster that the users can easily access any application. All the web masters are known the advantage and processing speed of the server. So, the use of the DNS, LDAP and JMS servers are replacing other server in the web processing work. These servers are not required the hosts files like other server manufactures. For this reason, real Internet server requires the static (and unchanging) IP address.

Do not take from this you require 3 different kinds of the DNS servers. In case, you were setting up the couple authoritative then DNS servers can as well give functionality of the LAN as well as simple DNS servers. The LAN DNS server will simultaneously give functionality of the simple DNS server and it is the progressive type of the thing. Finding the single server from all of servers on Internet is just like trying to find the single file on the drive with many files. In both the cases it helps having a few hierarchy built in a directory to logically group the things.

DNS “namespace” is the hierarchical in same kind of the upside down tree structure that was seen with the file systems. As you have root of the partition and drive, DNS namespace has the root that is been signified by the period. Internet sources are generally specified by the domain name as well as server hostname. WWW part of the URL is the hostname of Web server (and it can be the alias to server with different host name). The DNS is generally the database with the records for hostnames. Directory for entire telephone system is not at all stored in a huge phone book.

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