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Performance tuning Apache web server on Linux – Making the Entire Data Processing More Easier!

Apache web server of the Linux is in pick because it is making the entire data processing of website easier and faster. There is also some helping software of the Linux available that helps the users to makes entire organize smoother and faster.   In case of other web server various types of web software available in the different formats. So, the users can require changing their entire system setting for installation. However, the Linux based software like the RedHat and Fedora are available in the RPM format that matches to every system setting. However, the users are requires to consider when the Apache RPM’s filename will start from the httpd.

Making use of HostnameLookups needs DNS lookup before request is done adding the considerable latency.  Thus, HostnameLookups must get turned off.   In case, you are making use of Allow and Deny from the domain directives you may make the double reverse DNS lookups as first is the forward lookup as well as second is the reverse lookup and verify it’s not spoofed.  It means that you must make use of IP Addresses to make Allow & Deny directives. It is likely to limit the DNS lookups to one feature of Apache server process, example limiting the DNS lookups just for the html and cgi processes.  Here is the example:

HostnameLookups off

<Files ~ “\.(html|cgi)$”>

HostnameLookups on


In case, you make use of Allow from the domain or else Deny from the domain, it an increase latency since you may need Apache to do the DNS lookup for every domain setting.  It is good to use the IP Address in this situation.

Use Specific DirectoryIndex

Avoid situation where server needs to figure wildcard option for DirectoryIndex.  Instead of making use of wildcard setting just like this:

DirectoryIndex index

Use specific setting:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi index.pl

You save small amount of the resources just by having most used choice first in list.

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