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Using Lighttpd, Nginx and other Web Servers on Linux – Nging Web Server is the Best Option for Linux!

If you are wondering for the best web server for your Linux system, then you are in the right place. Though there are several web servers can be used on Linux system but the Nging has got its own reputation and own place. It is really quite a different beast in the web server field which is making a revolution in this industry. It is mainly used as a web server for higher trafficked website as a web proxy. In other term when the user visits the Nginx server, the server will send the request to other servers on its own private network.

Apache is accessible in default packages on a lot of Linux systems as well as is installed by the default on most as well as ‘httpd’ is synonymous with Apache web server. Since with other program above Apache HTTP software is the open source and anybody will contribute to that or modify that to their requirements. In case, you are totally new to the web servers then Apache is the place to start.

Which One Is Correct For You?

Answer to the question completely depends on the usage. In case, you are getting began I will suggest starting with Apache. In case, you are searching for the challenge and want to get and know alternatives to the Apache, then check out the lighttpd that makes use of low memory footprint. Lastly, in case, you want the web proxy for bank of servers – then check out the nginx that works well in situation. Apache & IIS are most common servers in use now, however they are alone. There is the huge amount of the web server program out there, which are free & commercial. In the article we give some popular alternative of web servers: Nginx, Lighttpd, LiteSpeed & Zeus. First two are free & open source whereas other two are the commercial and closed source alternatives.

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