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The wait is over…iPhone 25 has been released right on time!

This is the story of Bob Seaskul and his determination and patience to wait for the latest and greatest iPhone ever.  At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11, 2035 – the latest and final release of iPhone was revealed.  This of course is no surprise as Apple had already hinted at the discontinuation of the product on WWDC ’30 when they released iPhone 20 along with IOS version 41.

What does this have to do with Bob you might be saying to yourself?  When the first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, Bob was one of the original people who had stayed on line for 3 days and nights to buy his new gadget.  He loved the product at the time as did everyone else…its futuristic look, touch screen and nicely presented user interface made him and millions of other people fall in love with it.

Not so long after the first release of iPhone, the second release came out and a year later the iPhone 3 and then iPhone 4 and finally iPhone 5.  Bob without much hesitation would stand online for days to lay his hands on a brand new iPhone and never had a second thought on whether he needed to upgrade or not.  As long as Apple released a new version, he would just blindly and happily purchase a new one.

When Bob purchased iPhone 4 on June of 2010, he was excited as ever before despite it’s new shape and look but in the back of his mind he was looking forward to 2011 when he’d lay his hands on the iPhone 5 and the amazing features that would bring!  When June, 2011 came around Bob was jumpy and excited at the WWDC and couldn’t wait to see the new iPhone 5!  However, to his disappointment iPhone 4S was released and not iPhone 5 for which he was so looking forward to for over a year!  At that point on October 14, 2011 he promised himself to not buy another iPhone every year but rather wait until its final release so he could have the latest and greatest of the iPhone family!

Bob saw new iPhones come and go, the iPhone 5 came then 6, then 7 and 14 and so on but Bob stayed true to his promise and reaffirmed his conviction and promise to himself everyday in front of the mirror so that he never betrays himself purchasing another iPhone and then see another one come into the market a few months to a year later!  Bob’s iPhone 4 was almost unusable with new apps coming out that needed large amount of memory and cpu power but he never faltered from his promise and went on with the pain and misery of using his iPhone 4 came with over the years.

Bob was 27 years old in 2007 and when he heard the announcement at WWDC on June of 2030, he had turned 55 years old in March of that year.  He couldn’t believe his eyes and ears when he heard from Apple CEO Alexis Ohanian that iPhone will be discontinued in 5 years and the final release, iPhone 25 will be made available on June of 2035 when Bob is 60.  Bob didn’t care how old he was going to be, besides he only saw age as just numbers…”what matters is the mindset of the person, age is just a stupid number!”, he’d tell himself when he’s reminded of his age.  Bob has been using iPhone4 for over 27 years now and has grown tired and sick and suicidal at times because of it.  The new iPhones looked much different, in fact they were like small chips, it did much more than just a phone.  It could turn into a computer, a car and a large screen 108″ TV and even drove a car but Bob didn’t give a shit what else it could do….he just wanted the latest release of the iPhone and he was finally at peace to hear that the final release will be available in 2035.

By the time the WWDC ’35 came around on June 2035, Bob’s story was the most trended topic on the internet, specially on Earth where Bob resided. The inhabitants of planet Khilmook and Mazar also new of Bob as they had more frequent political, business and social encounters on regular basis.  Some humans migrated to Mazar and others to Khilmook for better life and opportunities and vice versa…overall the future had changed so much than the 2007 era that Earth couldn’t be recognized.  No more did people just live on the surface but rather in freaking balloon shaped thingies with their families and holographic pets.  Out of all the fortune 500 companies, only Apple and Costco had survived.  BJ’s went out of business unfortunately as it carried weird brands and for some reason water was more expensive there than at Costco’s.

So Bob, in front row seat at WWDC ’35 was called to the stage by Alexis to present the iPhone 25 and with sheer joy and excitement, he went to the stage to do so.  To his astonishment, the new iPhone 25 was well… invisible.  It wasn’t a physical device anymore, event that micro dot that was iPhone 24 and previous was now replaced by nothing.  WTF? Bob lost it then and there and took out his old iPhone 4 which he had turned into a small pistol and started shooting at the Apple CEO who just appeared unharmed…it so happens he wasn’t even there but rather his damn hologram.

Bob, disappointed and emotionally unstable at this point gives in to the authorities.  His iPhone 4 that was turned into a pistol was confiscated and returned to Apple who is now displaying it at their manhattan store in South Africa.  You might be asking yourself Manhattan in Africa???  Long story…the geological changes that occurred in the same span of time wasn’t the focus of this article…

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