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Backup methods and tools for MySQL

January 18th, 2013 1 comment

MySQL needs to have different backup recovery system, which will prevent loss of files generated into the system. This mostly happens during upgrading of systems or integration of different networks.

Causes of crashes

There are different causes that lead crashing of the system and this makes it harder for one to recover. With a number of different solutions to use, it is wise to understand the methods that cause hitches and try different ways to prevent. Some of the common causes include

Crashing of the operation system

Abrupt and constant power failure

Crashing of the file system

Where there are issues with hardware, motherboard, or hard drive

These are the possible areas ,that lead to constant crashing of the system and this means all data stored have higher chances of getting lost but there are different methods one can use to restore the files.

How to manage using a file snapshot system

It is important for the programmer to take into account different methods that make it easier for one to get the data files in the system. This systematic process needs attention to detail in order to get recommendable results.

–  create a client program, and execute FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK.

– create another shell, execute mount vxfs snapshot

–    choose first client, execute UNLOCK TABLES.

–    Copy files from the snapshot

–    Unmount the snapshot.


Tools used in the backup and recovery process




Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for My



ZRM with XtraBackup (and streaming)


MySQL backup methods and characteristics

Backup uses querying the MySQL server to get database construction and gratified information

Backup is gentler than physical approaches because the server should access database material and adapt it to logical format. If the production is written on the client side, the server must also send it to the holdup program.

Output is particularly bigger than physical backup, predominantly when saved in text setup

Backup and reinstate granularity is obtainable at the server level), database level (all tables in a, or table level. this happens regardless of the type of server of backup device.

The backup should not compose log or configuration files, or database-related files that are not part of databases.

Process of data backup and recovery process sign MySQL

InnoDB: Database not shut down normally.

InnoDB: Starting recovery from log files…

InnoDB: Starting log scan based on checkpoint at

InnoDB: log sequence number 0 13674004

InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 13739520

InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 13805056

InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 13870592

InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 13936128

InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 20555264

InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 20620800

InnoDB: Doing recovery: scanned up to log sequence number 0 20664692

InnoDB: 1 uncommitted transaction(s) which must be rolled back

InnoDB: Starting rollback of uncommitted transactions

InnoDB: Rolling back trx no 16745

InnoDB: Rolling back of trx no 16745 completed

InnoDB: Rollback of uncommitted transactions completed

InnoDB: Starting an apply batch of log records to the database…

InnoDB: Apply batch completed

InnoDB: Started

mysqld: ready for connections


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Top 10 Reasons why you should use Relational over NoSQL databases

December 31st, 2012 No comments

With the introduction of NOSQL database, many people find that it is easier to shift to these databases but this does not mean they will get all the solutions that they need. It is still important to settle with the relational databases due to a number of reasons and some of the developers find that it is easy to stick to the system.

  1. With the relational database, one is investing in a low-volume and less complex applications, which makes it easier for them to handle and this means they can start to develop this application in a matter of time
  2. With the chance to do normalization with relational database, you find that it is effect to have the duplicated volumes of data in the system that you want
  3. Switching to another database is not an easy process since you have already invested in this program, bought the services. This means that you have to let go, learn a new system, and in most cases, you find that it does not solve all the matters, that you want and this means you have to go back to the SQL method. You need to learn and find what other developers have to say before you switch to a new system
  4. Just because a system is popularized by the search engine and has good marketing methods done online, does not mean that you have the chance to trust it. This is the reason why one needs to go through the reviews and find the reasons why they need to stick to the system and if they have to switch to NOSQL< the benefits they get over the relational methods
  5. Before investing in a new system, many people find that it will not meet their needs, and gets trickier to start learning another language and develop it. This is why one needs to stick to the database they have since all have faults but one has managed to stay with them due to the effectiveness and ability to control them regardless of their issues
  6. Relational databases are known to have the best declarative syntax and strong mathematical basis compared to other systems in the market.
  7. Relational databases have a well-known language known as structured query language in short, SQL
  8. Relational databases have a good existing ecosystem introduced into the channel and this means the documentation, third party vendors, binding to other programming languages, and loads of tools.
  9. Relational databases have the ability to host different bonuses like geographical databases and mechanism
  10. The relational database offers different indexing solutions, trustworthy transactional details, and extensive security installations.

Before one settles with any new system, they need to find more about the qualities and start the comparison process. Many people want to stick with relational methods due to the programming language, the effectiveness in the security methods, easy procedures and the chance to have the developing structures in place and center the programming language to the method that developer wants, making it hard for other people to crack the codes installed.


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MySQL tools for Linux – Offers Easy Monitoring Query Process!

January 24th, 2012 No comments

MySQL tools are helping the developers to look up the DBAs submission performance through monitoring query process. At the same way, the users can perfectly judge the SQL code that makes the system slow down. MySQL tools are much suitable for Linux operating system users because it’s never required any sorts of change in system setting to perform any task. However, Windows and Mac OS users are required special setting to downloading this software. If you are Linux OS users and deals with any sorts of image developing works, then the MySQL tools are right option for you. These tools are allowing you to designs as well as manage any sorts of database in quick time. With the help of MySQL tools and Linux OS, you will create or modify complex ER models in less time and effort. Due to easy accessibility, the new user will access the MySQL tools by following simple process.

When you shop for the database, you must make your list of features as well as functions, which you think are very important for the application. Keep in mind, that “best” database is not essentially one with a greatest number of the features, and lowest cost. For your requirements, it is raw performance for the small queries, and it is ease of the administration of database with millions of records. Also, it is very difficult to review it accurately in the small space, still, based on a few subjective criteria, and I have attempted that.

There is the commercial version, however download this free version, the fairly powerful as well as gives you a lot of features. Navicat is the fast, reliable as well as famous (millions of downloads) Administration Database tool purpose that is built to simplify the database management & reducing the administrative costs. Navicat Lite is accessible as the free download just for the non-commercial customers.





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MySQL Tools for Linux – Manage Database Connection Easily!

January 23rd, 2012 No comments

MySQL is a unified visual tool use for database architects and software development. It simply offer data modeling, SQL development and complete administration tools for server configuration and user administration. MySQL tools available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. If you are a Linux OS user then you must need MySQL tools for better assessment. It allows developer and data architect to design model and manage databases. MySQL tools include everything that a data modeler requires for creating complex ER models and also provide key features to perform difficult change management that normally requires much time and efforts. It also allows the developers to manage database connection easily. MySQL tools offer a visual console to administer MySQL environments and get excellent visibility into databases. Developer can use this tool for configuring servers and viewing database health. Well, its time to move to online media and collect more information about such wonderful tools. Let us now explore MySQL tools in hand.

In the older version, these three things come separately by the MySQL however now it is combined in one. The Kontrollbase is a bit hard for installing on DB servers however it is actually helpful to monitor & performance tuning of MySQL DB servers and it has the email alerts service as well. Nagios & Cacti are right for the monitoring stuff and specially Cacti is giving graphic functionality on basis of the server statistics thus, we may very easily identify all performance of server through the graph. Also, one of MySQLs features is the cross platform support, it may run on all the operating systems, that includes OSX, Windows, Linux and lots more.

Thus, MySQL is a best database, we all use that. Question is which is best MySQL Admin & Development Tool? In overview below we give some of most helpful & popular MySQL Admin & Development Tools for the Windows, Mac, as well as Linux, for the beginners as well as for the professionals. Among some other tools that we feature HeidiSQL phpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench, as well as SequelPro. Let us know in case, a few useful MySQL tool is now missing in a list by commenting on the article. The application is featured database design deal, which includes database design, creation, modeling, as well as maintenance bundled in the single environment for MySQL database system.


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MySQL tools for Linux – Useful Device for the Developers!

January 22nd, 2012 No comments

MySQL tools are much useful device for the developers for optimizing SQL queries, performing and creating any task in proper way. MySQL tools or SQL Editors are offering reuse of SQL snippets, color syntax stress and completing history of SQL. In this way, database relative’s panel is permits the program designers to smoothly run their database connection. However, these sorts of facilities are easily possible for the Linux operating system users because this tool offers better support to system setting. MySQL tools are also offers an image comfort to simply administer MySQL setting. At the same way, the users will get better visibility into databases with the help of this tool. With the help of these tools, the Linux users and developers can easily set the servers as well as administering users for easy access any application. MySQL tools are suitable option for the image developers to create any sorts of critical application in short period. Also, it is simple to install, unzip a folder to the server.

Free version is Community Edition that is been loaded with the features, which can meet all the requirements. In case, you feel very adventurous you can go for commercial version (the Standard Edition). The Heidi SQL is very lightweight & fast with the flexible interface, and it also allows you browse as well as edit the databases databases, view & edit records, manage tables, import data from the text files, manage user-privileges, synchronize tables between 2 databases, run SQL queries, as well as export selected tables to some other databases and SQL scripts, all this from the intuitive Windows interface.

And this complete IDE, has 4 main areas of the functionality: The database query & administration tools; suite of the compare tools for the databases, file systems and source control; included source control costumer for Subversion (SVN) & CVS; and powerful database modeler. Studio has the single consistent interface for major relational databases, and this also allows developer to tackle many tasks from within the single application. It is popular, feature easy and rich to use for free tool, written in the PHP, is built to handle full administration of the MySQL. Most famous & best source database is the MySQL. Simple and it is fast, reliabile as well as simple to use.




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MySQL tools for Linux – Combined Image Tool for Developers!

January 21st, 2012 No comments

MySQL Workbench is a combined image tool for database developers, architects, and DBAs. This tool is offers various facilities to the users such as: SQL development, data modeling, and complete administration tools for the server configuration. MySQL tools are accessible for the Mac, Linux and Windows like OS. MySQL tools are allowing the developers and data architect to create or manage their database. However, MySQL tools for Linux are offers best opportunity to the users for access and manage any sorts of application in smoother way. Due to these reasons, the designers like to perform any sorts of task in MySQL tools through the Linux for quick and better result. Also these tools will help the application or program developer to solve any sorts of critical reverse engineering, ER models, and perform any sorts of critical documents changing task in proper way with less time and effort due to faster accessibility of MySQL tools.

Login information is stored on the hard disk, thus you no longer need to log on various web interfaces. The MAC OSX management app also gives you the direct access to MySQL databases on the local as well as remote servers with the support to import & export data from the famous files that includes SQL, XML and CSV. The Sequel Pro began as the fork of open source CocoaMySQL project and it is a self proclaimed “Looking best MySQL Database Management for Mac OS X“, and going by screenshot below they will not be wrong, and it is sleek & cool. The cool lightweight powered database management is amazing.

Like for upgrading, delete an older version as well as replace with new version, easy. To be powered by the Ajax, it is very friendly so you will make use of the normal browsing actions such as “bookmark”, “back” or “refresh”. There is the useful range of the keyboard shortcuts that you may view here: the SQL Buddy Keyboard. EMS SQL Manager is the high performance equipment for the database administration & development. The features also include MySQL views, triggers, stored treatments & functions, InnoDB foreign keys, that allows you create or edit all the MySQL database objects, and design databases, run the SQL scripts, export and import database data, the manage users as well as privileges and has other helpful features.


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MySQL Tools for Linux

December 6th, 2011 No comments

At present, everyone wants to accomplish their all sorts of professional and personal works through assortment technologies. Due to this sort reason, there are numbers of leading software companies have designed assortment and advance technologies, so that computer users are easily accomplish their complicated works.

Among all sorts of technology or software, the Linux operating system is gaining more importance from the users because it is allowing the users to complete their tasks easily. Also, users are searching the best instrument or tools to use this sort of database or operating system on their computer. If you want to use this sort of database on your computer, then you need to look for MySQL tools.

It is right option for you because this sort of tools is simplifying the process of Linux operating system. So, you can use this sort of database on your computer. Now, it’s your turn to select the best MySQL tools from these leading software companies. Keep in mind that whichever database that you select, you are living with that for a lot of years.


Maatkit is the great set of the tools for the MySQL Performance Analyses & maintainence and must to have for MySQL User.


Mysqladmin extended to -i100 -r is nice way for looking how the MySQL performance counters increment & it will tell you much about the server run status.


MySQL Report is the tool that will look at the status variables similar as the mysqladmin extended however can group them together very nicely & give a few hints what are good & bad values.


vmstat ten is great tool for running and understanding what system load is now looking up and it is not very detailed however good for glance view.


It is the nice tool for analyzing the slow query log and that reads a lot of different log formats as well as has different stats, and it was all there prior ot mk-log-parser came.


Innotop is good top like MySQL tool as well as is very helpful even though you don’t use the Innodb tables. Nice to watch what happens to the server in a real time.


filefrag is a tool to check the fragmentation of a file and ever wondered how fragmented the table space or else table on a file level ?

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MySQL Tools for Linux – Get the Best Advantage!

November 8th, 2011 No comments

There are so many software development tools available in this technology world. Through which, you can perform several things to make the difficult task easier. MySQL tool is one such type of software development tool used successfully by Linux, Window and Mac OS user.  It allows the user to simplify database design and maintenance. It also requires less effort and time comparing to other software developing tools.

It improves communication among DBA and developers team and also allow data architects to visualize requirements and resolves design issue before a major investment of time. MySQL tools allow model driven database design which is the ideal way for making valid and well performing databases. It also offers great flexibility to respond in business requirements. Now Linux user can take huge advantage by using MySQL tools in their operating system. It’s the online media that can help you in a great way to collect more information about MySQL tools.

The article identifies open source tools that help for reducing complexity linked with powerful database program. “One tool that is not at all featured in the article however warrants the mention is sqlyog. Also, it is the excellent utility for managing and administering the MySQL. Bit, when job agent is accessible as the native Linux utility, the main functionality has not still been ported to the Linux (though it does run under the Wine).

In order, to give the insight in quality of the software, which is accessible, we have already compiled the list of excellent MySQL tools. So, , there are something of the interest for anybody interested to manage MySQL databases with minimum of fuss. “Let us now explore some MySQL tools in hand.

MySQL is the relational database management and it gives fast, multi-user, multi-threaded, as well as robust SQL database server. The MySQL is a most famous open database, as well as is a database component of LAMP software stack. So, with increasing popularity of the MySQL, it is not very surprising that the developer has written some useful tools that help the users to query, monitor, administer, optimise and troubleshoot, MySQL databases.

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MySQL tools for Linux – Create Any Critical Image In Short Time!

September 30th, 2011 No comments

Availability of numbers of software will help the users to perform any sorts of task in proper manners. These sorts of helping tools are require managing any application or image designs with less time and effort. In this regard, MySQL tools are right option for the web designers or developers to create any critical image in short time. Basically, MySQL tools are suitable for the Mac, Windows and Linux operating system user.

However, Linux operating system user can work much faster because MySQL tools are perfectly matched with the OS setting. On the other hand, other OS users are requires change in their system setting to get benefit from this tool. Like the Linux operating system the MySQL tools are easy to operate through which you can download and designs any image without any critical  or tough process. MySQL tools are also known as the database management system in which data store in the table formats.

Let us look at some MySQL tool.


iostat tool is the good help investigating or troubleshooting IO problems – and it can show you the amount of the IOs happening every device, type, request size and queue size as well as response time.


mpstat is the great tool for seeing the details on the CPU usage – how are the different CPUs being used, and how many interrupts handle and so on. Helps to understand & fine tune this load.


oprofile is generally used for the advanced MySQL tuning while load is the CPU bound – it can tell you where inside MySQL and Kernel CPU time is been spent.


iohist is a tool for showing histogram for the IO response time and main use for that is to look at how the response time is to split for read & write request instead of seeing average reported by the iostat and these are different.


Dtrace is the great tool for the system level performance, with the catch of that being unavailable on the Linux that limits practical use dramatically.


fincore is the tool for checking how well the given file is been cached in the operation system cache. Helpful to examine caching of the MyISAM tables.


sysbench is the tool for checking the performance of system & MySQL. It is very useful to check various hardware & OS characteristic.

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MySQL Tools for Linux – Required for Every Linux User!

June 17th, 2011 No comments

Now, the demand of MySQL tools is going on high in every professional and personal sector because it can simplify the complicated work easily. For your information, this sort of tools is a unified visual tool for developers, DBAs, and database architects. This sort of tools has been designed for assortment operating system. However, now the users have preferred this sort of tools for Linux operating system.

With the help of MySQL tools, users can get the opportunity for data modeling, comprehensive administration, and SQL development and user administration. The best advantages of this sort of tools are simplifying the database design and maintenance, and error-prone tasks, and also enhance the interactions among DBA and developers teams. Also, users are getting another sorts of features through which they can easily operate the Linux database on the system. So, it’s time to get more information about this sort of tools from the application developers.

With increasing popularity of the MySQL, it is not at all surprising that the developers have already written some useful tools that help the users to query, monitor, troubleshoot, administer, as well as optimise the MySQL databases. The article identifies some open source tools that help to reduce complexity that is associated with powerful database program.

One tool that is not at all featured in the article however warrants the mention is sqlyog. Also, it is the excellent utility for managing as well as administering MySQL. The LAMP consists of Apache web server, PHP and MySQL, essential building blocks for running the general purpose server. MySQL is been used & championed by a lot of large organizations that includes Facebook, Google, BBC, Sun, Intel, Dell, SAP, Veritas, AMD, Novell, and others.

But, whereas job agent is accessible as the native Linux utility, the main functionality hasn’t been ported to the Linux (though it runs under the Wine). In order, to give the insight in quality of the software, which is available, we have also compiled list of some excellent MySQL tools. So, there are something of the interest for anybody who is interested to manage the MySQL databases with minimum of fuss.  In Open source technology, the best tool is new version of the MySQL Workbench (given by the MySQL). This particular tool is giving some tools that are very useful for the admin, developing as well as ERD creation tasks.

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