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5 Ways You Can Protect Yourself from Online Threats

January 22nd, 2013 1 comment

In a world where everything is connected online, it is very easy to lose the files on your
computer or even your own identity. Protecting yourself from the threats in the virtual world is
one of the primary concerns.

There are scams being hatched to hoodwink people into disclosing their personal details and
account numbers and the security breach is too advanced to control. Do worry too much because
there are experts who can guide you through these problems. Given below are five ways in
which you can protect yourself from these online threats.

1. Install Software For Internet Security

It is no longer sufficient to install only antivirus software in your computer or laptop. Use
software that not only prevents your computer from virus threat but also protects you from
spyware and key loggers. The software should also be able to monitor if your computer is being
accessed by any unauthorized person.

Some softwares, which work as both antivirus and protect your computer, may be a little
expensive. But they are worth it. If you do not want something expensive, you can also find
some free software on the net that you can download.

2. Install A Firewall

A firewall acts like buffer zone between your computer and the whole internet. It is created in
a manner that it allows only that information that you allow to pass through it. This is a great
safety device for your computer, as its programming helps you stop the attack from key loggers,
malicious hackers and worms. You can get lot of internet security software that also has a

3. Scan Your Computer Every Week

There are several applications that automatically check the computer for any potential threats. If
your software doesn’t carry out automatic checks then you should scan your computer at least
one every week. It may be a hassle when you are working on the computer, so you may do this
when you are not working. This is important to check that your computer and all the data you
store in it are safe.

4. Update All Your Software Regularly

The hackers and people who are phishing are regularly updating their moves, so it is important
that you keep your internet security software updated as well. You do not have to buy an updated
version from the market, most companies allow you to download the latest version from their website once you have bought the product from them.

5. Keep Back Up For All Your Files

You have your whole life on your computer and when your computer falls prey to a virus or is
hacked, you are completely at loss. To avoid this, you should make a smart move and use any
reputed online backup service for your files and documents. There are various services online,
which are trustworthy and you can make full use of them.

Follow these safety measures and be wary when interacting with unknown people on the

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Iptables – Keep Some Rules on Your Mind While Installing Iptables!

January 7th, 2012 No comments is an application program that enables a system administrator to organise the tables offered by the Linux Kernel firewall. Various Kernel modules and programs are in use for different protocols.

Iptables will fail to function if it was not executed by root user and it also needs to elevated privileges to operate. Iptables can be installed on most of the Linux system.  To refer to the kernel level components Iptables is also commonly used. There is some overlap in early history about iptables and Netfilter because they were initially designed together. Iptables is one of the latest application programs that have been specially designed to configure the Linux Kernel release.

Iptables preserve the basic ideas introduced with ipfwadm.  The spilt enables iptables to use the information the connection tracking layer had determined about a packet. Iptables has the ability to monitor the state of a connection. Users can get many benefits by using iptables application program on their system.

The users don’t have to worry about the installation process of iptables. It is very simple to install. User can use application program like iptables to make their task easier. While you are trying to install iptables on your system you should keep some rules in your mind. It is very important to realise packet filtering deals with the protocol packets, however is actually meant to apply to the sessions as well as is intended to decide whether & how the client processes may make use of the server processes and server processes will support the client processes.

Lots of issues in configuring the iptables are consequence of aim to define the fairly high level of policies that are related to the client or server interactions when making use of mechanism, which deals with lowest levels of these interactions, the individual packets.  iptables configuration needs first defining plans at level of the sessions, and figuring out which of the rules enforce these policies on the packets traveling between the interfaces; this needs an ability to conceptualize how the agents like the user and process as well as actions like the web browsing map on the lower level entities such as interfaces & packet attributes. It is as well useful to do reverse, which is given the iptables configuration for inferring what type of the policy it can end up to implement.

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Basic Linux security for beginners – Provide Security for Beginners!

January 6th, 2012 No comments

Security is one of the major problems for the internet users today. It is affects every user in their smooth work. It is a big concern for the user if you are using Linux operating system.  Although Linux is one of the best operating system but there are some concern about the security issue of Linux operating system, especially for beginners. Therefore, it is necessary for beginners to know the procedure to keep their system secure enough for safe usage. One of the best things you can do to secure your system by stay aware about the security concern.

If you are a beginner then you have to know some security tips to protect your computer from any type of damage.  As a beginner you don’t have to be a security guru to be safe but you have to know some basic thing to safe your system. You have to understand the principles of the TCP/IP protocol before knowing something about security. Tcp and udp are the two parts of TCP/IP protocol. The main difference between tcp and udp is the tcp is connection oriented but the udp is connectionless. Both tcp and udp have several advantages and disadvantages and they both are used differently. The traditional UNIX systems encrypted users’ passwords using algorithm named salt+crypt and after that stored then the results in /etc/passwd file, On the login, system will take login password, encrypt that in same way as well as compare that with entry in /etc/passwd. In case, two agreed, then user was been considered authenticated. Solution to first problem was to switch to stronger encryption algorithm.

There are 2 problems with this and first, there is fact that, whereas salt+crypt is one-way algorithm (and you will not decrypt contents of /etc/passwd) it is not strong, as well as is limited to 8 character passwords. Worse, file /etc/passwd needs to get readable by users, as that relates the user ID numbers to names, and locates home directories as well as has other information regarding the users. It makes vulnerable to the so called dictionary attacks, where attacker takes dictionary (many systems have for the spell checking), encrypts each word in that, and after that compares them against encrypted passwords in /etc/passwd. While match is found, attacker just looks up corresponding word in dictionary & this is password.

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Firewalls, Switches, Routers and VPN – Basics you must know

September 11th, 2011 No comments

These days, online businesses are going high on demand for their secure and safe business transaction methods. Now, there are so many people prefer to select the best networking device for a safe and secure business. If you want to do a business through online, then you need to look for these networking systems like firewalls, switches, routers and VPN.

Now, you can avail all sorts of information about these networking systems from online media. By collecting all the information about these firewalls, switches, routers and VPN networking systems, you can easily use these networking systems for your online business. The ethernet network & safety functions and saef remote connectivity to the industrial applications.

Having the problem to share internet in two and more PCs? You must try the BEFSR41. You may also connect to the modem as well as all PCs in the home and office will share internet. The BEFSR41 is a most widely used router, which has the 4 port switch as well as allows you attach the 4 PCs directly.

Also, it supports the DHCP server & UPnP (the universal plug n play). The router also allows file & printer sharing and you may share any of the file between the PCs like digital pictures, music, videos, as well as other documents. The Cisco RVS4000 4port Gigabit Safety Router – VPN and this is the inexpensive security router with the IPSec VPN capability.

The advanced firewall, authentication and encryption, features an suitable for the router behind configuration with the gigabit uplink, that fits gigabit networks very well. There is not any wireless capability in the router.

Cisco 120W WirelessN VPN Firewall

The wireless LAN device supports four separate wireless networks. That features the IP Security VPN support with the hardware acceleration. Also, it is appropriate for the branch office connections as well as remote client access. Cisco RV 120W gives 10 IPSec site tunnels as well as, gives 10 QuickVPN tunnels.

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Iptables – Offering Several Benefits to the Users!

September 7th, 2011 No comments is a user space application used to configure the tables that needs to be created through Linux Kernel Firewall. Users can get various benefits by using iptables application on their computers. The users can have the better control on the chains by using iptables application.

Before the invention of iptables it was very hard for system administrators to store some vital rules associated with the system. But after the invention of iptables the problem has been solved rapidly. This application is making lot easier for professionals to control their systems. It is the time to opt for iptables if you are looking for best application software.

There are several advantages of using iptables application as you can also apply this application for IPv4 and IPv6. There are three tables all total in iptables. The first one is the mangle table, the second one is the filter queue and the last one is the nat queue table.

You have to specify the table and the chain for each firewall rule you create. There are numbers of commands you have to know for the better use of iptables application on your computer. These sorts of application always allow the users to perform various functions without any hustle. In case, you are totally impatient for the small scale example, then you may look below, as well as for large example to look at firewall configuration script, that is one, which I use for home PCs.

Firewalling is in place, about the generic misbehaviour & involves network connections & computers. Firewalling is not remotely about safety; and it is about the safety; just about the screening computing resources from the simple problems that are caused by the mistakes and malice.

Firewalling doesn’t add to the security; it just makes the existing insecurities much harder to see in a few limited ways. Particularly, firewalling generally gives a few safety against the outsider malice and mistakes, however vast majority of the security problems are been caused by the insiders, as well as firewalling doesn’t actually help much even to safety with the insiders.

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Firewalls, Switches, Routers and VPN – Easy

July 25th, 2011 No comments

If you want to use firewalls, switches, routers and VPN networking systems, then you need to understand the basic functionalities of these genres of networking systems. Firewalls are used to strike more secure and safety network from a less secure network.

Switches are the hardware networking systems that are designed to use at layer of the OSI model data link. Routers are essential part of the Internet protocol. So, you need to collect information about the basic functionality of these networking systems before you use them. VPN is commonly known as Virtual Private Network. It is a secure way to connect a local area connection without losing data.

Layer three is Network Layer where the IP works & Layer 4 is a Transport Layer, where the TCP & UDP function. Lots of firewalls now have the advanced up OSI layers and will also know Layer 7 –Application Layer. There are various different kinds of the firewalls as well as we will not go in that in the article thus let us talk about most famous kind of the firewall – the stateful packet inspection hardware firewall.

Most of the firewalls will keep the track of states of the TCP to stop the unwanted traffic from Internet to enter the private LAN. FL mGuard line is a ideal solution to add the higher level “Layer 3”

FL mGuard products are been rugged, rated security industrially devices whose the core functions include routing, stateful firewall, VPN and NAT’ing.  Making use of FL mGuard RS lets migration of tasks that were solely once in realm of IT 19” rack closer to industrial application. Line includes the FL mGuard RS rail mount versions and PCI card versions for the integration in the industrial PCs.  RS line has the variants that includes the router version, and versions with the integrated analog modems and ISDN connections.  Three key applications for FL mGuard products are:

  • Secure remote connectivity
  • NAT router applications
  • Industrial network security


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Firewalls, Switches, Routers and VPN – Dedicated Appliance for Networks!

June 23rd, 2011 No comments

These days, every business holders are getting hugely dependent on quality communication network. Without information technology your businesses are most likely to be suffered. In this regard a firewall protection is much required for your network protection as it protect your internal and private LAN from the internet.

A firewall usually works at layer three and four of the OSI model where IP works and layer four is the transport layer.  This is a dedicated appliance to the network configuration and it is also much required for the network communication. It is keeps track of all going and incoming data of the network.

The switch is high speed multiport bridge and it is why the bridges are not longer required or manufactured. The switches do what bridges do faster & cheaper and most of the routers will as well function as the bridges.

You may ask how the hub fits in the mix of devices. The hub is multiport repeater and in other words, anything, which comes in a port of hub is duplicated as well as sent out other ports of hub, which have the devices attached.

Also, there is not any intelligence to how the hub functions. The switch is vast improvement over the hub in the terms of intelligence, for a lot of reasons.

Most important of the reasons is how bridge forwarding table actually works. The intelligent (and smart) switches have already made the hubs obsolete as they will do more at a same cost of the dumb hub. For this cause, hubs are used or else sold rarely any longer. In order, to see this bridge forwarding table on the Cisco switch type: show mac-address-table. Here is the example:


The firewall is been used to protect more of safe network from the less secure network. Normally, the firewalls are been used to protect the internal or private LAN from Internet. The firewall normally works at the layer three and four of OSI model.

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Iptables – The basic concepts

June 21st, 2011 No comments is an advance application, and it is allowing the users to determine the tables enclosing rules of chains for treatment of packets. Iptables is the combination of tables that are different types of treatment packet processing. These packets have been designed in sequence of cross and as per the rules of chains. At the starting of Iptables the packets can define which chain cross it first.  Iptables is having five important predefined chains through which a system administrator can successfully defines the table containing chains of rules. These predefined chains are discussed below.


These predefined chains are having one policy, so that users can easily operate the system. The Iptables is having some chains and the chain contains some rules so that users can get more facility to operate their system. In the packet, the rules are having some specifications so that the treatment packets will match the chain contains for defining the table. In case, the rules are not matching to the packet, then the packet jump to next rule in sequence. If the packet is matching the rules, then the rules can take initial action point out by the target or verdict. In the output, the users can get advance option to use the system easily and confidently.

Interfaces and not computers

In IP protocol architecture, you will see that there is not any notion of the computer; all the communication happens very strictly between the interfaces that might have one and more addresses. Mapping between the interfaces as well as addresses is potentially many, even though one to one as well as one to many are more common. The domain names interfaces, and not the computers. The applications generally bind to the network addresses that are been associated with the interfaces not computers. No matter whether interfaces belong to the specific computer is accident where IP protocol achitecture is been concerned.


Whereas protocols are connectionless or not, pattern of the communication between the processes generally involves sessions, where there are the recognisable session set, the data transfer as well as session close (the logical) phases. Lots of the sessions are asymmetrical, where processes that are involved follow the request or response communication pattern, and where one procedure is the client and other the server.

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Basic Linux Security for Beginners – Need to Understand the Basics!

June 9th, 2011 No comments, safety is the prime concern in the online world. This type of issue can affect each and every person in several ways. These days, many system administrators are thinking to protect their system from unwanted applications and most importantly from hackers.

Now, there are several types of security packages available through which system users are protecting their system successfully. However, Linux is one of the best security packages among other security applications.

As per the present market scenario, Linux security package has managed to draw more importance from system users due to offer strong defense programs, and good services. If you want to take chance for using the Linux security at your system, then you need to understand basic things of the Linux. The basic of Linux security has described in the user’s manual which are available at online media.

Often, you can get the details about Linux security from web hosting service providers. At the time of installation of Linux in your PC, you don’t have to configure your windows. However, you will need an online connection at your system so that you can easily setup the Linux security in your system. The Linux security is directly connected to the TCP and IP protocol.

When the system is set up, then there are some routine tasks that will further improve the security: Remove mention of the Linux distribution as well as version numbers from the banner files such as /etc/issue as well as /etc/ Add warnings regarding unauthorised use & logging to the system banners Configure the daemons that is named to listen on interfaces you would like them on.

In case, you actually want to nail down system, then consider installing & running the comprehensive system script such as Bastille Linux ( It makes plenty of the detailed changes on the system.

As Bastille runs, that tells you what is it doing; you may select to skip some steps, however you can certainly learn much about the security all along way.

One of worst things that will happen is for the attacker to compromise the system, pilfer files, as well as then make use of system to launch attack on another victim, whereas you sit blissfully not aware of what is going on. In order, to ensure that the alarm bells ring while someone tampers with setup, then you must install the intrusion detection system.

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Iptables – Get the Best Use of the Kernel Modules!

June 8th, 2011 No comments is the user space application. It has also been considered as the application that can be used to organize the tables that are often created through Linux kernel Firewall. There are several benefits now users for iptables can get! They can get better control on the chains.

There are also few rules associated with the system to store its vital components. Before managing these rules and components was a major issue for the system administrators. But now things have been changed rapidly with invent of iptables. This sort of application is really making task easier for professionals by offering them a better control on their systems, chains and tables.

All you need to keep in mind that there are different types of kernel modules available. You can even take help of several programs to organize different protocols in a better way. If you are looking for the same sort of response, then it’s time to opt for the iptables. There are also several advantages which you can draw while using iptables. You can apply this sort of application for IPv4 and IPv6.

This sort of application is also allowing system administrators to have a better control on the arpatbales to ARP. All the tables are applied to packet, generally at the different stages in processing of packet; generally in every table just one chain is been applied to the packet, that depends on packet’s attributes. The Iptables is been used to set up, keep, as well as inspect tables of the IP packet filter that rules in Linux kernel.

Many different tables are defined. Every table has many built in chains as well as might as well have the user defined chains. Every chain is list of the rules that will match the set of packets. Every rule specifies what you can do with the packet, which matches. It is called ‘target’ that is a jump to the user defined chain in same table.

The firewall rule some specifies criteria for the packet, the target. In case, packet doesn’t match, next rule in chain is examined; in case, that does match, next rule is been specified by value of target that is name of the user defined chain and one of special values DROP, ACCEPT, QUEUE, and RETURN. List of the rules in chain is provided by command iptables -t table -L chain.

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