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Why people choose Windows over Linux still – So Easy to Access!

January 20th, 2012 2 comments

If you are a computer user and wondering about which operating system to install then you can think about windows or Linux operating system. Well, you might be confused to choose which operating system. As a computer user you must be heard that Linux is much safer, secure and reliable operating system. Although it was not wrong that Linux is very appreciate OS but when you look towards the advantages of Windows operating system then you might suddenly change your mind. There are so many advantages of Windows over Linux. The main advantage of Windows is it is a very easy installing program. You can install Windows OS on your system with ease.

But in the case Linux OS installing it may require an entire weekend. Windows XP is one of the ideal choices in the terms of productivity because it is fast and supports every hardware device. With Windows OS the user can work excellently by any internet connection. Most business chooses Windows OS because there are some outstanding applications provided by XP including office suit, Photoshop and AutoCAD. Windows OS stay much ahead than Linux operating system when it comes to support for the drivers. Therefore, many people prefer Windows over Linux. The windows web hosting solutions give you a lot of benefits like ASP, NET support, visual basic C++ as well as pearl scripts.

Whereas option of the web hosting supplier is the individual choice, people looking for the business solution must consider benefits as well as disadvantages of windows & Linux severs prior to making the choice. The Web Hosting is one kind of the Internet Hosting service, which allows the individuals & organizations to publish own website accessible on internet through World Wide Web. The web hosts are companies, which give space on the server they have for use by the clients. The personal site hosting is generally free, the advertisement sponsored and cheap while Business site hosting has the higher expense. Also, in case of the paid hosting, one has the complete control over site contents. In case, your web site is very large as well as complex, it is also seen it gets lots of traffic. In case we find shared hosting will limit the growth and capacity to serve the customers. It is time to switch to Dedicated web hosting.


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Why People Choose Windows over Linux Still – Go for the Details!

January 19th, 2012 No comments you any doubt in between windows and Linux which operating system is just perfect your system? Well, you may be heard that Linux is best for protecting the confidential work in a system. It is much safer, reliable and secure security system comparing to others operating system. Linux is one of the best options than Windows operating system. On the contrary, Windows is very easy to use and having simple steps for installing in a system. At the time of installing, you can modify your system application for using it ease. In difference, the Linux is taking much time to install at your system, and you can contact to the software designer to operate the Linux at your PC.

Quite opposite, the Windows operating packages are the best options for safe and secure business process. The Windows operating system is so safe and stable, and it can support to any type of hardware device. With the help of Windows operating system, you can run assortment of games, and applications easily. You can use the Windows operating system with Windows OS, and other types of Internet connection.  In the Windows operating system, you can get some outstanding applications such as: Visio, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator and Office Suite which are probably used for business sectors. One of reasons that a few people select Linux is just because service is free. It is because of open source distributions; the hosts normally pass savings on the customers, making the Linux solutions very affordable.

Disadvantages of the Linux Servers

With each benefit of the solution, there needs to be some disadvantages, the Linux hosting solutions are of no exception to the rule. One of main disadvantages of the Linux based applications is they are not able to accommodate the windows applications as well as coding conversions. This will spell disaster for the web sites that are coded particularly for the windows based applications. While selecting the web hosting supplier for Linux, ensure he gives all basics services on the security, that includes firewall, load balance for servers, Denial of Attack protection. As well, there are a few basics services and any service must include, like MYSQL services, statistics (two scripts), the antivirus & antispam services (included) and possibility to add own scripts through FTP.





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Why People Choose Windows over Linux Still – Compare the Features and Benefits!

January 18th, 2012 1 comment, there are many system users falling in on hustle and bustle that which is the perfect operating system to use in their PC. If you are one of them, then you need to consider some aspects of the Windows operating system and Linux operating system. One of the best benefits of the Windows operating system you can use it any hardware device, and also you can run different types of games and application easily. On the contrary, the Linux operating system is offering safe and reliable features to the users for using their application successfully. Users can use the Windows operating system with any types of online connection, but the Linux is requiring only TCP and IP protocol to use in a system. One of the important features of the Windows operating systems have been designed through strong DNS and it is best for hosting a website safely.

Present days, there are some another types of causes available so that Windows operating system stand on demandable position than Linux. Whatever, when you are selecting one of the best operating systems in between Linux and Windows that time you need to consider about your requirements. So, you can know which operating system is fulfilling your requirements smoothly. You may hear a lot of different arguments, few in favor of the Linux as well as others in the favor of the Windows. So, both of options have benefits as well as drawbacks. But, some people are selecting to use the Windows hosting, they have a lot of the good reasons for making this decision.

Why are a lot of using Windows? One of largest reasons is Linux just doesn’t have same number of the options as the Windows does. The Windows can work with the applications that the Linux will not, and most of the developers love freedom they have with making the interactive pages. In case, you would like to have lots of interactivity on site, then selecting Windows is the good idea. Most of the people are as well concerned about the security of the sites, as well as Windows gives you a lot of safety choices. You can find they have the new features as well as upgrades for the security, which come out on the regular basis.


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Why People Choose Windows Over Linux Still – Both Have Some Unique Quality!

January 18th, 2012 No comments

There are many reasons behind the question why people choose Windows over Linux? The user can stay risk free from the malware and viruses attack that damage their important programs and documents.

These programs are free and more flexible than any other operating system. It is also providing compound routes for support to their users. It is also much expensive than the windows operation system. It is also offers quick results by rectify the security holes and bugs much faster than any other OS. Due to these reasons, the windows XP has also been considered as the much effective program in lower price than any other. After all these things, the window has better option for the user because it support for both servers and desktops.

On the other hand the Linux operating system is get much support from number of hardware device instead of window. However, the problem behind is that the drivers are frequently reverse-engineered. Instead of various quality of the Linux the Windows is mention as the universal operating system, so the hardware designers are releases its drivers for Windows operating system.

Due to these sorts of advantage and facility Windows operating system is maintaining its demand in the market instead of other. Also, there are the drivers for 64bit Windows OS, however Linux and Unix have issues about the drivers. You can find 32 bit Linux supports hardware than 64 bit one. Same problems occurred while we changed from 16bit to 32bit in mid90s.

The vendor support is important to enjoy smooth computing. There are many other reasons for which the Windows stand on the better position than the Linux. However, whenever you are selecting operating system for the computer, you must act based on the requirements. In case, you would like to surf internet as well as most of tasks are all internet related and it is good to use the Linux when in case, you would like to perform some other tasks such as doing something on the MS Office then the Windows is best choice. While people are now trying to choose whether they would like Windows and Linux for the hosting services a little of confusion will occur to them.

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Why people choose Windows over Linux still – An Excellent Operating System!

January 17th, 2012 No comments choose Windows over Linux because of its have more advantages over Linux. Although Mac and Linux are the two strong competitors of Windows but still they have improve a lot on their features to compete with Windows Operating System. There are various reasons why windows stand better than Linux Operating System. It is always advisable that while you are going for operating system you should act based on your necessity. If you want enjoy task like MS Office then you can go for Windows but if you want to surf internet then Linux Operating System is the ideal option for you. There are few reasons why you go for Windows instead Linux

  • There is very few risk for viruses and malware
  • Windows has a multiple routes for support
  • It have better flexibility  than Linux
  • Security holes and bugs are patched much quicker

For business purpose Windows Operating System is the best solution as it is considered as the most powerful application software in the current market. Because of its easy installation process it is much more popular among users. It can be considered as a much more reliable, safe and fast operating system. These are the main reason why people choose windows over Linux. There are a few outstanding applications, which make the XP choice for most of the businesses. It includes Photoshop, Office Suite, Project, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Visio, etc. The Windows XP is been considered as powerful application as well as lower end user support expenses.

Besides, the Windows has good hardware support for desktops as well as servers. The linux operating system is popular to support many more hardware than the Windows. However, problem is drivers are generally reverse engineered. On other hand, as Windows is most famous as well as universal OS, hardware makers releases the drivers for the Windows operating system. The windows will not carry GPL penalty and because of this reason, the manufacturers are not at all bound to share intellectual property with some others. The Windows DNS is been regarded as best internal server for hosting the internal (and non-internet facing) DNS. While that comes to support for drivers, the Windows operating system remains much ahead than the Linux.


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Why Linux is Easier and Cheaper than Windows or Mac – Users Can Get 40 Percent Up!

January 16th, 2012 No comments comparison to the Windows or Mac, the Linux is 40 percent less according to the report of the IBM. This truth is comes after the research of the Microsoft-sponsored to sign the benefits of the windows over the Linux. In this regard, the users can get a secure and reliable operating system in cheap to keep their system safe from hackers attack. It is one of the open source software but it much difficult for the user to understand the entire process of installation. In case of windows operating system or Mac the fresh users can install it easily by following some simple steps.

However, the user will require much study and knowledge regarding the Linux operating system to install it for their computer. Due to these reasons, the users are required to follow some specific steps. On the other hand, the users are getting much benefit from the Linux operating system due to best security perspectives. So, the Linux is easier and cheaper than Windows or Mac that helps the users to get the best substitute for the previous one. However, the Linux operating system is never successful to manage more computers like the Windows or other operating system in every perspective.

And this change increased performance of a code on all the platforms. Performance gap was closed further by compiling as well as linking R on the OS X against the Doug Lea’s malloc (named dmalloc for short). But, Linux speed benefit stays which differs with size of dataset used. Example, gap ranges from around 0% for the small dataset to around 10% what is the medium size dataset for algorithm in the question. Gap also shrinks again to around 0% for large dataset. Performance gap is greater in case, default OS X malloc is been used notwithstanding new algorithm: gap goes from zero for small dataset, to around 40% for medium one, as well as up to 50% for large one. Based on finding, study suggests executives think Linux for most of high transaction environments. Whereas admitting Linux’s cost savings have also declined over past some years, Frances argues the Linux can stay cheap relative to some other systems to make investment worthwhile.




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Why Linux is Easier and Cheaper than Windows or Mac – Open Sources Software!

January 15th, 2012 No comments is one of the secure and reliable operating system for the system users. It is suitable both for the desktop and laptop computer system. Linux is open source software that is suitable for the users who required more control over their system. However, it is also much difficult for the user to understand the process of the Linux instead of others. Due to cheap cost of the Linux the users never require any sorts of compromise with their system or work than any other expensive operating system before. The main reason behind the cheap price of the Linux is to stable in the market with other leading software. It is also the right formula for the designers to attract much customer.

These sorts of market situation are also helping the users to get the leading software like Windows or Mac in lower price than before.  In this way, the designs are also getting success to clear the mentality of users regarding the leading software. The designers of the Linux are offering better opportunity to the computer users to enjoy all sorts of similar facilities like popular Windows or Mac operating system in cheap. So, the Linux is the right option for every user to secure their system through it. The Linux has also gone from to be the project for the open source fans to one of most powerful as well as important forces in software world.

Is it good idea moving to the Mac, with simple interface, the high level of the safety as well as stability — and higher costs? Or is it good to adopt Linux distro that is free (and, at least, inexpensive), and supported by range of the imaginative developers — not very newbie-friendly? Any decision forces you in the new, and unfamiliar territory. For the answers, we went 2 writers who have the great deal of the experience with the Windows PCs however have experimented in moving to Mac or els Linux. Mitch Wagner is the executive editor who has also become the enthusiastic Mac convert, whereas Serdar Yegulalp, who wrote extensively about the Microsoft Windows, is at present, exploring world of the Linux as well as Linux distros. In some other words, whereas both love to tout advantages of the newly selected operating systems, also they are aware of drawbacks.


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Why Linux is easier and cheaper than Windows or Mac – Linux Is More Reliable than Other Operating System!

January 14th, 2012 No comments, in the Internet world Linux operating system is the best option for users to protect their system from spyware, malware and also from hackers.  It is a true factor that Linux operating system is more reliable and stable than windows operating system. Windows operating system is more expensive than Linux operating system. One of the main reasons why windows OS is so expensive than other operating system because it’s a Microsoft based application.  Linux operating system has user friendly features and easy user guide. That’s why it is getting so much popularity among users. Although, Windows operating system is one of the popular OS but users might not get a trouble free environment while using windows.

However if you are a Linux operating system user you can render better computing experience. There are several problems users can encounter while using windows OS. It can cause serious problem to your system if you are surfing internet without antivirus or anti-malware. Sometime you will find your system is infected by using windows OS but it is not same in Linux operating system.  Linux is much better than windows when it comes to network connection. You will hardly face any problem if you configure your computer with Linux operating system. The Linux has also done poor job in getting in the stores as well as poor job in advertising.

You may buy Mac in a lot of places – however Mac fans like to buy at Apple Store. You may get the service in a lot of places, however Mac fans like to get that from Apple. You may make use of various music players — but iPod (from the Apple) works very well, as well as makes that very simple to download the inexpensive music from the Apple’s iTunes Store, that majority of the people will not think to look somewhere else. Apple makes use of old school business model (actually, Apple sales are now growing much faster than other PC vendor’s) for building the highly innovative, stable, as well as integrated platform for the consumer as well as business computing. It is as well true that while income depends on the customers, you are better motivated for keeping the customers happy.


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Why Linux is Easier and Cheaper than Windows or Mac – Get the Help from Previous Users!

January 13th, 2012 No comments

According to the question, Linux operating system is the best option for those users who want to protect their system from spyware, malware, and from hackers. If you are selecting the Windows or Mac operating system, then you can face several types of problem at your works. You need to install antivirus, or anti-malware to protect the system from several difficulties. However, the Linux operating system is not requiring any kind of antivirus to protect the confidential date at your system. One of the best advantages of the Linux operating system is not requiring system configuration.

When you are installing the Linux operating system that time you need to offer a strong password. So, you are one and only person can open the required page of a system. Windows or Mac operating system is wonderful to run assortment applications, but these are having some operating system related issue which are not rectifying by simple format. Now, you can get the details about the Linux from different users. Even if, you can get the useful information about the Linux operating system from online media. What so ever, when you are selecting one of the best operating system that time you need to compare the price tag and benefits. So, you can get one of the best operating system that can fulfill your requirements successfully. (The researchers attempted to collect data on the Solaris at Opteron, however this combination is very new and was not encountered in course of study.)

The Linux’s total cost of the operation is generally 40 percent lower than the Windows, according to IBM sponsored report from Frances Group, publicised by the IBM. Report comes after 2 years of the Microsoft sponsored research heralding benefits of the Windows over Linux, though IBM denied that it is the direct response. Unilever argues Linux’s cost benefits have also declined far that project is now no longer worth that. Robert study is welcomed by the companies who are searching for the solid data on the Linux cost benefits, even though it is been sponsored by the company, which is sunk over $1 billion in promoting open source operating system. Relatively some independent studies of the Linux’s TCO have also come to same conclusions to study.


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Basic Linux Security for Beginners – Simplifies the Operating System!

March 31st, 2011 No comments you are beginners in system field or want to use the best security package in your system. Well, it is the right opportunity for all system users to protect their system from unwanted programs and hackers.

Here, you can get details about Linux security, and also you can use it at your system easily. There is no hard & fast work to search the Linux security packages at online. Now, there are many software designers available who are offering some basic information about the Linux. So, you can move for the online and download the information of Linux. You can know the actual format to install and use the Linux at your system.

At present, Linux security packages are considering as magnificent operating system, and it is widely use by the system administrators across the globe. When you are installing the Linux security, you need to remember that Linux security packages are having some steps.

So, you should follow the steps for installing Linux at your system easily. Linux security packages can be performed under TCP and IP protocol. It can simplify the operating programs in a system so that users can use their system easily.

So, you need to use the Linux security to protect your system without any hassles. Obviously, Linux is secure than the Windows and it can hardly be less safe, could it?

Also, there are many reasons for all this: Whereas Windows users add themselves to Administrators group, and giving themselves the administrator privileges, the Linux users log & work with the ordinary user privileges.

It also limits damage that is done by the malware such as malicious web pages & mail borne viruses. As, major applications & subsystems, which make up Linux distribution come from separate teams, and they will not share the subroutine libraries.

Contrast it with Windows, and where everything comes from a company, there is lots of under -covers sharing of the code. Consider Windows HTML Help system, for instance that is at a core of many vulnerabilities recently.

Permissions system on the Unix systems (write, read, as well as execute for owner, group as well as others) is simpler to manage than Access Control Lists of Windows world (though ACL’s are accessible for people who need finer granularity they give) Linux users are security conscious as well as smarter naturally.


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