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CygwinX – How to properly setup

April 4th, 2011 2 comments

CygwinX is a proper execution of the X Window System that performs under Microsoft Windows. It is also the element of Cygwin project and it requires Cygwin’s type setup system for installation. CygwinX is free programming software that has been approved by the X11 License.

CygwinX was firstly stood on the XFree86 that require controlling the X.Org Server. Due to concern above XFree86’s new software license not being well-matched with the GPL.  In this regard, demand of the software is decreasing instead of others.

After a long silence in the year of 8 July 2005, this software was released in advance and considered as a reliable way for their users.  The advanced version of the CygwinX has been based on the modular 7.4 that was introduced on 12th November 2008 as well as carries on its demand in the market.

For proper results the user are required to understand the features of the CygwinX. There are two ways require to follow and run the CygwinX perfectly. In this way, the X server runs in a one Microsoft Windows window that has been mentioned as the X display that grips the X root window and other X windows in the X session for smooth and proper run of program.

The X Launcher is the utility that is made to tweak as well as configure an initial setting for the X Server of Cygwin project. Cygwin is for a few years the excellent emulator of Linux platform for the Windows and it is very commonly used to develop of the applications that will work in Operative System.

Basically, it is Linux on the Windows. But, an application is handled purely through the text commands, as well as has a few limitations. The situations are been resolved with X Launcher. X Launcher also allows you configure the settings for the Cygwin, such as root folders, variables, as well as all of pre launch commands, which the program has.

Also, it allows you configure the X server (XWin). It includes a keyboard layout (that is very helpful as you will not change that in the Cygwin), and windows mode & extensions.

As well, configuration to connect that to the terminal and shell. All these are very easily configured through the graphic interface as well as saved in the pre set file, which you may load and the program is useful as well as it is recommendable for the people making use of Cygwin.

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HowTo: Get passwordless SSH working on Cygwin

October 28th, 2010 No comments

I’m sure many out there is actively using Cygwin because they can’t stand being on a Windows platform.  I for one am one of those people.  I install Cygwin on any Windows based servers to login to it remotely via SSH and do what I need to do.

Recently I came across an issue where I had to login from server to server within Cygwin environment via passwordless SSH.  I had already installed openssh server and it was running as a service.  HOWEVER!  It was installed under the default “SYSTEM” windows user and as a result I could never get it working.

Finally, I came across some sources that pretty much indicated that in order for passwordless SSH to work in Cygwin, SSH server must be installed under it’s own user such as sshd_server.

Once I did that, it all worked out!

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