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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Best Helping Tools for Designers!

March 2nd, 2012 No comments

Now day’s Linux has mentioned as the best professional graphic design tools because it can make process easy and faster. It is also offering all sorts of advanced features to manage the task easily. Linux is also supported several features like the mixtures of alpha, clones, text, markers, shapes, lines, gradients, transforms,  and patterns. So, the designers are never required individual tools for different operation. It is also supported various formats such as: EPS, JPEG, Postscript, PNG, and TIFF. So, the designers are never required to make any sorts of changes in their systems sitting to manage their professional graphic design task.

Once upon time, there was the clean, and well defined split between the graphical applications and web. Now, after web explosion, the things have got murky, because there is the paradigm shift about web. Where it was once the clean distinction between the web authoring tools, the Rapid Application Development tools & web database gateways, now there is the jumble of functions and features.

Paradigm shift is of “Content Management Systems”: which allow one publishing the web sites, keep the interactive communities, data-driven web sites, design interactive, all these backed by the powerful database, generally SQL based.


Paradigm is shifting and people are also realizing that the web interfaces are not very pretty, and also suffer from the slow reaction times; while pretty desktop apps are not network aware. The realization is driving the efforts like Microsoft .net strategy, and cross over is seen in a few of tools below.


Graphical Form Designers & Report Generators

Databases are useless in case, you cannot very easily get the data in them, and get data back again. The ‘form designer’ is tool, which allows you design the user interface, which is been coupled to the database. It is one ‘form’ in sense, like the paper form, and it has plenty of fields for filling out. Not like paper, the electronic, as well as coupled straight to database. In case, we make the form to collect the customer names & addresses, then ‘report generator’ is software, which we use to arrive with report to the management regarding how many customers are there, and what cities that they live in.

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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Required for Music Composers!

March 2nd, 2012 No comments

Now, in various professional works like the movie editors, Graphic designers, music composers as well as multimedia addicts the Linux is vastly use. These professional works are also required unique software for operation and designing. However, the professional designers can get above all designing facilities through the Linux system. You can also make the multimedia designs like complicated work smoothly through the Linux. In this way, Ubuntu Linux distribution is easily geared to the normal multimedia creation. It is also including with advanced audio software for play back and editing. Professional graphic design in Linux is also having with modeling applications like GIMP, Blender, and Inkscape.

Linux Software Graphics & Image

Following is the selection of the Linux based graphics & image editing program. The applications with the free versions are been listed before the commercial programs. Freeware & GNU Library Public License come with the restrictions. The users must check the copyright & licensing statements from developers


Brief introduction to free & open source Inkscape software & scalable vector graphics


Artstream is the comprehensive design software that allows the complete image, brochure, document, as well as magazine production on the Linux, making use of brush, pen, as well as shading tools, and layout of the multi-page documents with the exact typography & photo effects.


DuhDraw for the Linux is much like Draw for the DOS that is been used to draw the ANSI screens, mud screens and login screens.


Giftrans converts GIF file in the GIF89a and is used to set transparent and background color, adding and removing the comments. Also gives code to analyze the GIF contents.

GNU Ghostscript and Ghostview

Ghostscript outputs the postscript & PDF files to various display & printing devices, also to many graphics formats. The Ghostview is X11 user interface for the Ghostscript, and allowing you view & navigate the PostScript files.


GIMP is the free, powerful and robust, image manipulation program appropriate for these tasks as the photo retouching, image authoring and image composition.


Collection of around 60Unix tools, which allows user manipulate data to make Encapsulated PostScript File illustrations.


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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Easy to Operate!

March 1st, 2012 No comments

Basically, the designers have the common ideas that professional graphics designs associate with Mac and Windows like OS system. So, it is mention as the best platforms for the designer’s works. These OS are also suitable for Adobe Photoshop and so many commercial designers’ application and software. However, now instead of these designers OS the Linux graphic design is becoming more popular for its easy and quick performance. It is also known as the open source design that works like the Inkscape, GIMP software. Like the Mac or Windows professional graphic design OS, the option of Linux is not so complicated. So, the fresh designers are easily improving their skill thorough it.

The graphic design for the Linux systems are high on the demand because of the flexible features by which user will very easily do any task. The demand of Linux operating system is going day to day. It is now very complicated like Windows operating system and you may handle each process of Linux operating system very easily with help of the little ideas about OS.


With the comparison to Windows operating system Linux is cheaper & simple from each prospectus. Also, there are a lot of benefits you may get from graphic design for the Linux systems by which you may handle graphic and editing in the positive way.


It is as well giving all types of facility & flexibility and on other hand, windows operating system is complicated for fresh users. With help of the graphic design for the Linux systems, users will learn all tips of process of operating. Linux is also developed by pools of developers all across the world and is updated often. All updates and release versions of Operating Packages such as Ubantu are totally Free and thus you have the latest version for machine.


There is a huge range of applications like the mentioned above that are completely Free and cost to set up and running Ubantu is completely nothing. In order, to begin with Linux has safety than Windows purely since there are very less people that are trying to write Virus and Trojan nasties as well as it is much safer operating system and harder for the ‘hack’.


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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Managing All Works Smoothly!

February 28th, 2012 No comments

Linux is the best option for you to solve any sorts of professional graphics design works smoothly and quickly. With the help of Linux, you can edit or modify your company calendar, logo, magazine and designs all sorts of promotional poster. It is also boosting your creative skill to designs something new and attractive. Linux is also having all the vital tools that required for the particular task. However, the operations of these tools are easier that you can completely learn the entire process within few attempts. Professional graphic design in Linux is offering you a perfect path to create some more attractive and stylist logo designs for your business development.

Best Program for Linux Graphic Designers & Webmasters

Linux is taking computing world by a storm nowadays. Ubuntu is making that possible for the long time Windows users for switching to the Linux with ease. Security, diversity and functionality of the Linux is unsurpassed, best of all it is totally free!

I encourage you give Linux one try. Lots of business and even entire governments of a few countries are switching on Linux. There is the virtual cornucopia of the information on web about Linux & all of the variations. I will suggest that you check Ubuntu first. When you have the Linux installed on computer, you have an access to thousands of the free programs, which you may automatically install with push of the button. I have also tried many of them over last some years.

Gimp. Gimp is the image manipulation software very same to the Photoshop. It has the same features and many more. Inkscape. Inkscape is the drawing software that makes use of SVG (scalable vector graphics). The user interface is very much similar to the CorelDraw. The Inkscape supports the multiple opened files or multiple views every file. The Graphics are printed & exported to the .png bitmaps. I make use of Inkscape to design our logos, cards, flyers and everything!

Screem. When trying a lot of HTML editors in the Linux I settled at Screem. I love to code from the scratch & hate clumsy WYSIWYG  editors. The Screem loads quickly fast, can allow you open the multiple pages, and has replace and search, and will handle the PHP, Javascript, as well as cascading style sheets to name few

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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Produce Professional Page Layout!

February 27th, 2012 No comments

Now days there huge numbers of professional graphic designers who are searching for perfect tool to be successful in their graphic designing purpose. In this regard the introduction of Linux is a great help for them. These graphic designers are able to success in their professional field by using several; Linux based program in their professional field. Scribus is such a Linux based program that is offering great help for the graphic designers. With this program they can produce professional page layout for everything.  Through Scribus program professional graphic designers can page layout for pre-press simple layout to award winning magazines.

Best 3D Graphic Designing Software for the Linux

In case, you are in designing as well as need something free and cool enough to make the designs look very good you then have come at a right place. Below are a few of most widely used 3D Graphic Design Linux Applications you may download now.


Blender is the free, and open source 3Dcontent creations suite not just works with the Linux however all other major operating systems. Blender also you the revolutionary and non-overlapping or non-blocking UI that also delivers the unsurpassed workflow as well as gives flexible & fully configurable window with a lot of screen setups you prefer. It also comes with various 3D object types that includes NURBS surfaces, polygon meshes, bezier or metaballs, Bspline curves, vector fonts. It also features

  • Imaging and Compositing
  • Realtime 3D or Game Creation
  • User friendly interface
  • Rigging
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • UV Unwrapping and more
  • Shading

Art of Illusion

Art of Illusion is one more free and open source 3Dmodelling & rendering studio that is totally written in the Java and it must be usable on Java Virtual Machine that is compatible with the J2SE 1.4 and later. Art of Illusion goal is to give the powerful 3D modeling tools with the user interface, which improves on one found in some other 3Dsoftware packages. Art of Illusion is very powerful to get used for the serious, and high end animation. It gives

  • Simple to use & user friendly interface
  • File Handling
  • Extended Functionality Scripts & Plugins
  • Post Processing
  • Scripting
  • Provides textures, modeling, animation
  • Rendering


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Professional Graphic Design In Linux – Required Using the Perfect Tool!

February 26th, 2012 No comments

With the introduction of Linux the graphic design sector has move a step forward to the future. Professional graphic designers are choosing Linux for their designing purpose. With Linux they can edit photographs, design a company logo, design a magazine and anything your creativity desires. However, it is necessary to use the appropriate tools for each task. For example we will not use the same program to retouching a photograph that we use to making a stylish vectorial logo.  Your graphic professional designing desire will be definitely successful with the appropriate designing tool.  So, just move for the appropriate tool for the best possible result.

Best Graphic Design Program On Linux

Blender is an open source program for the 3D modeling, rendering, animation, interactive creation, post-production, as well as playback. Available for major operating systems under GNU General Public License

POV-Ray – Persistence of the Vision Raytracer is the high quality, completely free tool for making stunning 3-dimensional graphics. Also, it is accessible in the official versions for the Windows, Mac OS/Mac and i86 Linux. Source code is accessible for those who want to do their ports.

GIMP is a GNU Image Manipulation software. It is the distributed piece of the software for these tasks as the photo retouching, image authoring and image composition.

K3Studio is the universal workbench for the 2d/3d modeling, simulation and visualization. Main focus of the K3Studio is on the 3d visualization of the combinatorial graphs, that is set of the nodes when connected with the edges.

K-3D is the complete free in freedom 3D modeling, rendering system and animation. The K-3D features robust, and object oriented plugin art, made to scale to needs of the professional artists. Also ,it is made from ground up for generating the motion picture quality animation by using the RenderMan compliant render.

The Artstream runs on Intel family of the processors, for first time, brings the professional illustration as well as page layout to Linux environment. The Artstream, working with the raster editors like Gimp & printer or scanner managers like those from the Vividata, ESP & Caldera, completes suite of the tools for the Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing on the Linux.


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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Get Huge Benefits in Professional Field!

February 25th, 2012 No comments

These days the Linux is one of the most popular OS among graphic designers and also other users. Especially graphic designers are making quite good benefit from Linux in their professional field. Scribes is one of the most popular graphic designing program used by most graphic designer for desktop publishing. It offers the user the capabilities for the design and layout in commercial programs such as Adobe PageMaker and Adobe InDesign.   This application is intended to offer flexibility in the composition and design to prepare files for professional filming equipment. It also create interactive and PDF forms for writing small newspapers, poster and books.

Professional Graphic Design in Linux

Free download program like GIMP, Inkscape, NetBeans and Open Office.Org are the good alternatives, although you use them till you buy these programs you are used to. Most of the professional programmers now have switched on using the freeware just because they are versatile than mainstream software.


Scribus is the program for the desktop publishing and gives capabilities for design & layout, same to those that is offered by the commercial programs such as Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress. Application is made to give the flexibility in design & composition, giving an ability to prepare the files for the professional filming equipment. The Scribus can as well make the animated & interactive forms. The examples of the uses include the writing small newspapers, newsletters, brochures, books and posters. Scribus supports major graphic formats besides SVG.

The professional features for the type fonts & images include the CMYK color management & administration. The PDF support includes encryption, transparency, and large set of the PDF 1.4 specifications or PDF/X3, which includes interactive PDF fields, notes as well as markings. Format of the files based on the XML and is completely documented. You may import the OpenDocument texts as the RTF, HTML and Doc Microsoft Word. Sorting through freeware is exhausting and there are many badly made & hard to use choices out there, however all you have to do is utilize what professional programmers & graphic designers are making use of.


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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Offering Best Quality!

February 24th, 2012 No comments

If you are a professional graphic designer and searching for the best OS available in the market then Linux OS might be the suitable option for you. As a graphic designer you need something much more than good. Do you know about the Gimp which is the photo suite solution for Linux? It is 100% built as new from the ground as an open source project. It will also open your layered PSD’s and TIF’s as well as EPS with no problem. Digikam is also another light version of Linux which offer the capability of bringing in photo libraries from your cameras with simple editing features.

Graphic design

With the Linux you may edit the photographs, design company logo, build the fancy wall calendar, create the promotional poster, design a magazine,  and anything that your desires! However, it is very important to use adequate tool for every task. Since, we prefer the Ferrari Testarrossa for driving on highways & 4×4 to drive on mountain, we cannot use same program while retouching the photograph than while making the stylish vectorial logo just like one How To Linux.


GIMP is the program to edit the digital images in the bitmap form, drawings & photographs. The typical uses include making logos and graphics, cropping and resizing photos, combining images, changing colors, making use of layers, removing the unwanted elements as well as conversion of the images between various image formats. You may as well use the GIMP to make easy animated images. It is the strong, powerful and simple alternative to Photoshop, however it has not developed as the clone of it & interface is very different.

GIMP is the image manipulation software, which has evolved with time, supporting the new formats, with powerful tools. For the advanced application it is worth to note use of the extensions or scripts and plugins. GIMP also allows working with the layers, thus every object of image is modified independently of other layers in image. Level of layers will as well get raised and lowered to facilitate work on image. Final image is saved in GIMP xcf format, which supports the layers, or in the flat format without any layers that is bmp, png, jpg, gif, etc.

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Professional Graphic Design in Linux – Graphic Designing is becoming Very Easy!

February 24th, 2012 No comments

These days the demand of Linux OS is on its peak. There are so many Linux users you can find in this compute world.  Professional graphic designer are also finding their way with the help of Linux. These designers are heavily depending on Linux to fulfil their target. If you want to experienced a variety of graphic package then Linux is might be the best operating system for you. Inkscape is one of the most popular choices for industry in the Linux community. Whether you are used to Illustrator or Corel, Inkscape allows you to modify the package layout and panels to suit your way of working.

What is Available for the Graphic Designer at Linux?

It is the good thing to include a few big program names on CV however at an end of day it is your ability, which sings song of the greatness in portfolio. In case, you have experienced various graphics packages, you must know that making use of different and lesser known package for getting result doesn’t affect the ability to use the selected proprietary package and quality of result achieved. Raised specifically as important to Graphics Professional are following programs. All these are a part of what we will generally include in the custom Linux install service in Symsys Ltd.

Vector Graphics Program for Linux

INKSCAPE is a most famous option for the industry professionals within Linux community. No matter whether you are been used to Illustrator and Corel (2 different packages) The Inkscape has combined all best functions in one as well as allows you customize this package layout as well as panels to suit way of working. Now, there are not any CMYK issues, that includes colour mix palettes, diagram building, barcoding, node editing many more. EPS import works on Linux version, however it has bugs, which are currently ironed out. Best thing is, ad you know cure is not far behind as well as with most of the open software, the huge community is there out for helping you and one another out.  GIMP is Photo Suite solution for the Linux.


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Graphic design for Linux systems – Popular Due To Its Flexible Services!

January 12th, 2012 No comments design for Linux systems are the first and foremost choice of the designers through which they can create some eye catching designs for their application or software. Basically, the computer users or designers that the graphic designing is related to the OS like the Windows and Mac OS. At the same way, they are also mentioned these OS as the right option for design any commercial designs of software and Photoshop. It is also mention as the open sources graphics designs software. It is also easy to use for the fresh user, which are less knowledge regarding the process.  Due to these reasons, this software solution is use in the various graphic designs works like the photo editing and designing work. Graphic design for Linux systems is offering much flexibility to the user through which they can handle any graphics task easily as well as get better result from it.  K3DSurf is used by everybody interested in the 3D Mathematical drawing functions as well as do not need any of the special competences by the users. So, below are a few of most widely used 3D Graphic Design Applications for the Linux you may download now.


Blender is the free, and open source 3D content suite not just works with the Linux but almost other major operating systems. The blender also gives you revolutionary non-overlapping as well as non-blocking UI that delivers the unsurpassed workflow as well as gives flexible & configurable window layout with a lot of screen setups you prefer. That comes with range of the 3D object kinds that includes the polygon meshes, bezier & B-spline curves, NURBS surfaces, metaballs, and vector fonts. Other than this it features

  • Realtime 3D/Game Creation
  • Modeling
  • User-friendly interface
  • Rendering
  • Rigging
  • Shading
  • Animation
  • Imaging & Compositing
  • UV Unwrapping & more

Download Blender for Linux

Art of Illusion

Art of the Illusion is one free, open source 3D modelling & rendering studio that is written in Java as well as it must be usable on Java Virtual Machine that is also compatible with the J2SE 1.4 and later. Goal of the Art of Illusion is give powerful 3Dmodeling tools with the user interface, which improves on found in some other 3D software packages.





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