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Using Lighttpd, Nginx and Other Web Servers on Linux

October 14th, 2011 No comments

Well, everyone wants to use reliable and faster web servers. There are numbers of other web servers on Linux available through which users are getting right benefits to host their own website. If you are looking for the best web servers, then Lighttpd and Nginx are the best options. By using these Lighttpd, and Nginx web servers, you can get unexpected advantages for hosting the website. These web servers are truly mentioned as reliable, secure, fast, and ease to use. Also, you can get more information about the Linux from online. So, you need to search the best information through which you can get all set of details about the Lighttpd, and Nginx.

Huge leap for the Lighttpd in Jan-March of 2007 is likely because of one and more web hosting and domain registration companies to switch over in Lighttpd either for the regular webpages, or else for the parked pages, and both. If, anyone knows what happened there in detail, then feel free to contact us in comments. Interestingly, number of the servers making use of Zeus web server has also remained very constant over last 2 years, and decreased. This said, it is primarily the enterprise solution, thus it is perhaps not very surprising. Two web servers, which are growing fastest lately are LiteSpeed and Nginx. Nginx currently passed one million of sites mark.

The numbers pale next to the Apache’s roughly 83million sites, however there is not any doubt these alternative servers are gaining in the popularity. Who knows, it is right for you? It will not appear long ago I struggled to convince the corporate IT that the Apache on the Linux was not just the viable choice to IIS, however superior selection. Whereas I’m not the big fan of the windows for the web servers – this is largely the personal preference. The IIS is in fact, capable web server; I have seen that stand up to pounding.

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Using Lighttpd, Nginx and other Web Servers on Linux – Offering Best Flexibility to the Linux User!

September 6th, 2011 No comments

The Apache HTTP sever is far better and well known web server on the internet, which is used by most of the Linux users. Comparing to other web server the Apache web server is offering best flexibility to the Linux system.

Apache’s security and flexibility is one of the foremost reasons why web server administrators choose it over the long run. Configuration of Apache web server is well documented and if you are very new to the web server, then Apache is probably the best place to begin. It is available in the default package on several Linux systems.

It is as well good to note it is the cross platform as well as can run on Windows & Linux systems. Rounding out top of list we have other web server program, Google (who makes use of their private custom server application), nginx & lighttpd. Three I can detail as best Linux server software are nginx, lighttpd, as well as Apache.


Lighttpd (pronounced as “Lighty”) was born from the desire to make the fast, and secure or reliable web server with the small memory footprint. Also, from the functional standpoint that works much same as the Apache, widely used web server with very less memory that is used on the busy servers & greater throughput while pushed to the limit. It powers many high traffic sites like YouTube and Wikipedia.

Configuration is completely very same to the Apache (that most of the people are been used to) but syntax is different. The documentation is thorough and can guide you any set up tasks you require. There are a lot of how tos accessible online that will help you through setup of server that depends on the OS or else you may check Google for the specific details. Best how tos are accessible over at Howtoforge & you might have to do a few Googling to find out the specific instructions for the situation.


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Using Lighttpd, Nginx and other Web Servers on Linux – Lighttpd Web Server is offering Several Benefits to the Linux Users!

August 3rd, 2011 No comments

Linux user now can use the web server lighttpd to create secure, fast and reliable webs server with a small memory footprint. This web server is currently powering several websites such as YouTube and Wikipedia. Configuration of lighttpd is very easy and quite similar with Apache web server configuration. Though the syntax of lighttpd is quite different from Apache but still it guide you through any setup task that you need.

There are so many valuable tips you can collect from the online to be more acquainted with the web server. It is really becoming an excellent web server for the Linux users. Lighttpd is the good web server for people looking to setup the machine with not lots of memory that is available and who hopes to scale the traffic simple by using the higher powered software.


Nginx is little of various beast and whereas it works as normal and it is utilized mainly across the higher trafficked web sites as the web proxy; in some other words while the user visits nginx server with the browser it can send request to some other servers on own private network that depends on type of the content requested. Documentation that is available is not very clear for the beginners, however when you get and know ins & outs of the nginx you may see how powerful is it particularly while running the larger websites.

Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server is by & large most famous web server on Internet running on 60% of web servers as well as one we compare others to. The Apache’s safety, stability as well as flexibility is why majority of the web server administrators select it & Apache has also proven over long run. The configuration is documented & innumerable how-tos & walk throughs are accessible for somebody getting started with that.

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