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Open Source Financial Applications on Linux – Need to Select the Best One!

March 6th, 2012 No comments

Have you ever thought how you could handle your business profits and loss account? Well, it’s the time to think about it. There are numbers of financial software available through which business owners are getting right option to manage their business account properly. If you want to maintain your small or large business account, then Linux financial account is the best option for you. With this software, you can manage the business properly without any worries.  Keep in mind that financial software has designed through tons of advance features and great flexibility. So, you can use this sort of software in your business easily.


Do not let free cost tag of the Nolapro fool you and this is for the serious business. Though not the open source, the package is totally free to use for any size environment as well as handles everything from the inventory, general ledger, accounts receivable, vendors, POS, B2B, customers, payroll and online shopping cart. Nolapro requires database installation, however other than this, installation is easy. Nolapro is made to be the network installation so server wil get accessed by the multiple clients through browser. License is the unlimited users, unlimited books and unlimited companies. For the personal finance, you may want to skip the Nolapro —the feature list can probably overwhelm you.

Linux Business Accounting BasicBooks

The Linux Business Accounting gives BasicBooks Ledger for the Linux. And this application features the complete financial reporting, the support for decimal denominated currency, as well as unlimited transactions. The BasicBooks makes use of PostgreSQL database as well as is simple to use & learn. One of nicest features of the package is transaction databases is loaded in the spreadsheets for the report creation.

Quasar Accounting

The particular package is a part of the full fledged POS package, which is run as the stand alone accounting program. The Quasar is not the open source (though the purchased commercial license gives you a full access to source code) as well as is available for the Linux & Windows.

Open Source Financial Applications on Linux – Best for All Business Owners!

March 6th, 2012 No comments

These days, there are numbers of business owner have preferred the Linux financial applications to use in their businesses for its reliability, high performance, rapid development, and a complete features list. You can avail this software in cheap from the market, and it doesn’t require any serious configuration during the time of installation. Due to great features, this software has managed to draw more appreciation from business owners around the globe. It is the right time for you to take tons of advantages from this software for your business. When you are selecting the best financial application on Linux, you need to look the special features through which you can maintain your business balance sheet properly. Importing the QIF files is easy, as well as entering the transactions is intuitive. The Gnucash will export to the TXF format for the tax preparation programs.

Moneydance does need Java and luckily, there are the versions of the Moneydance that generally come prepackaged with the Java, thus those who are weary of task to install the Java (particularly on Linux machine) do not need to worry. Interface is very intuitive and moneydance costs around $39.99 every license. There is not any corporate and individual licensing.

Appgen MyBooks

In case, you are searching for the commercial and accounting level software, then this may be what you require. Written for the Linux, Windows, and OS X, this program package is the double entry as well as fully audited & conforms to standards of GAAP (normally accepted accounting principles.) The MyBooks are purchased as the single user license, 2user license, as well as 10user license. It is set up as the single system or client or server network system. The free trial version of the MyBooks is accessible and this package as well handles inventory (that includes the perpetual inventory), the service based businesses, statements, charting, ODBC, batch entries, as well as vouchers.


Open Source Financial Applications on Linux – Offering Cool Advantages!

March 5th, 2012 No comments

Financial accounting is one place where Linux operating system has a quite wide selection of software for business sized from small table to multinational enterprise. You can use the Linux easily and conventionally in your enterprise. However, the selection of perfect open source financial applications on Linux is tough. Now, you need to consider these factors or features through which you can select one of the best financial applications on Linux. These features are discussed below.

  • Easy in making Double-Entry Book Keeping
  • Handling of multicurrency transaction
  • Portfolios of mutual fund and stock
  • Mutual funds quotes and online stock
  • Transaction-import matching support
  • Loan and mortgage repayment druid

Discuss pricing with vendor or VAR (the Value Added Reseller) prior to making the decision.


I begin with the application just because it is financial application of your choice. Gnucash is been released under GPL thus it is open sourced & is accessible for the BSD, Linux, OS X, Solaris, as well as Windows. The Gnucash features the double entry accounting, bond/ stock /mutual fund accounts, the small business accounting, QIF/OFX/HBCI Import or Transaction matching, customer/vendor/job invoicing, reports and graphs, financial calculations and scheduled transactions. Gnucash is simple to use as well as handles the multiple accounts.


This is the finance application included often in KDE. The KMyMoney has the user interface same to Quicken. Actually, one familiar with the Quicken can find themselves at home with the KMyMoney. Biggest difference between the KMyMoney & Quicken is KMyMoney will not communicate straight with the financial institutions. You may import the QIF as well as Gnucash data, however only format that is exported is the QIF. KMyMoney is as well licensed under GPL.


Moneydance is the proprietary software, which is accessible for the Linux, Windows and OS X, Moneydance is the fully featured financial programs available for the Linux & includes these features as the banking online as well as bill payment, scheduled or recurring payments, budget management, report generation, portfolio tracking, Money and Quicken data importation, international support and encryption.

Open Source Financial Applications on Linux – Effectively Manage the Venture!

March 4th, 2012 No comments

If you want to start a medium-size or small enterprise, then you need to consider the using of financial applications or accounting software in order to effectively manage the venture. Today, you have the option to select one of the best financial applications from a wide variety of finance programs. However, selecting the best open source financial application on Linux is too complicated. Financial application on Linux is the best option for those business ventures that are moving under tight budget. Linux has been designed in assortment financial application variation. So, you need to consult with the software designer who can guide you to select the open source financial applications on Linux.

It will even be the Windows NT and Active Directory controller. Few Linux packages give text & GUI interfaces. The GUI program looks very pretty to managers & friendly to untrained, however DOS & Linux or Unix text based applications are much faster & less costly in the actual use by the trained staff. Accounting is the irrevocably based activity, thus “pretty” gets tiresome. DOS accounting, POS and distribution packages are widely used as well as sold by a few developers. These quick, and economical text based program will run from the Linux, OS/2 as well as Windows servers, and get accessed from the OS/2, Linux, DOS as well as Windows workstations.

* By making use of Samba or a few terminal emulation program like Linux applications will print to the printers that are attached to the Windows workstations. Costs shown here are the example just for the entry level configuration. They will differ greatly depending on the additional features as well as options desired & number of the users or servers, as well as are also subject to change with not notice by the publisher.

Definitions – Small Office Home Office – 1 or 2 users and small Business is 100employees (we make use of “substantial” for indicating the small business with more than ten employees) Medium business is over 100employees but however $1 Billion in the sales.


Open Source Financial Applications on Linux – Offer Several Features on Financial Accounting!

February 14th, 2012 No comments

Now days small and medium sized businesses are getting huge benefits form open source financial application of Linux.  OpenERP is such type of Linux based financial application which is claimed to be complete ERP and CRM software. It has separate clients and server components which offer several features in business venture such as financial accounting, sale and purchase management, human resource management, marketing campaigns and also task automation.

Management accounting and help desk can also be performed through this open source financial application. This application is based on a strong MVC architecture with flexible workflows, customizable reports and XML-RPC interface. The open ERP is well known to be complete and very modular, with around 350 accessible modules. It is totally based on the strong MVC architecture, and with the distributed server, the object database, flexible workflows, dynamic GUI, XML RPC interface as well as customizable reports.


Compiere is the ERP & CRM business solution for Small & Medium sized Enterprise in the distribution, service, retail, as well as manufacturing. The compiere is been distributed by the Compiere, Inc and by Compiere Partner Network, the collection of the trained as well as authorized business partners. Application & source code is given on basis of GNU General Public version 2. The commercial license, support contracts and documentation are as well available for fee.


Adempiere is the community driven project, which develops as well as supports the open source business solution of same name, which delivers the Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management functionality and Customer Relationship Management. Following business areas are been addressed by Adempiere application:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Financial Performance Analysis
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Integrated Web Store
  • Integrated Point of sale solution

SQL Ledger

SQLLedger is the double entry accounting or ERP system. The accounting data is been stored in the SQL database server, for display text and GUI browser is used. Entire system is been linked through the chart of the accounts. Every item in the inventory is been linked to the income, cost, inventory as well as tax accounts.