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Super commands for Unix beginners and veterans!

January 8th, 2013 No comments

As a sysadmin of many years, I’m always fascinated by the world of *Unix and the untapped commands and tricks that are still there that I haven’t found out yet.  There are numerous ways to do something quicker, easier and more efficiently if a sysadmin knows where to look.

In this article, we’re listing the top most useful commands that any sysadmin should know and use when troubleshooting or in general working around their way in a Linux or Unix environments in general.

This command allows you to save a file you edited in VI without the needed permission for that file:

$ :w !sudo tee %

An alternative to traceroute or ping command on Linux is to run mtr:

$ mtr

Ever wanted to execute a command without saving it in history?  Here we go:

$ <space>who  (This will run the ‘who’ command without it being recommended in your history file).  Set your PS1=” ” to do it automatically by prepending space.

Ever found your screen or garbled up and you end up closing session and logging back in?  Well dont’ do that! Just type:

$ reset

To capture your activity on Linux desktop just type:

$ ffmpeg -f x11grab -s wxga -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq /tmp/wow.mpg

Want to reverse tunnel?  Here is how you start a tunnel from some external site’s port 80 to your local server port 8001.  You can then hit that site via http://localhost:8001

$ ssh -N -L2001:localhost:80

Just a single job around 8PM, better than a cron:

$ echo “who;ps -eaf” | at 8pm

Now, for one of the most helpful if not the most helpful command that’ll allow you to bind port to a process ID…perhaps better than lsof:

$ netstat -tlnp

Ever wanted to tweet from shell?  Perhaps you want to alert your twitter that your service is down?

$ curl -u user:pass -d status=”I am tweeting nigga!”

Run your website all in memory, here is how:

$ mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /data/ -o size=10g  (Assuming you have at least 10g on server to spare, you now have a new partition to which you can copy your website to)

How about a secure mount via SSH?  First download SSHFS and then:

$ sshfs user@server:/path/to/mount/from /path/to/mount/point


There is more!

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Linux for Windows Users – Effectively Host the Websites!

February 10th, 2012 No comments

If you are searching the best operating system through which you can get all sorts of accessibility, then you need to look for the Linux operating system. At present, there are numbers of computer users have preferred the Linux operating system because users can get the right option to accomplish their complicated work easily. For your information there is another leading operating system is available and it is commonly known as Windows operating system. Keep in mind that Windows operating system and Linux operating system are having assortment features and benefits. Also, the installation process of these sorts of operating system is fully different. However, the Linux operating system is best option for you because it can offer the opportunity for getting instant access of websites. Also, this sort of operating system is supporting you to host the websites properly. This Linux operating system is having numbers of benefits through which you can get the opportunity for fulfilling the desires.

I need to say that, and combined with file manager, and makes accessing wired, mobile, wireless, as well as VPN network file as well as print servers simpler than on other system I have used. To hook that up to any of the network is easy mindlessly. Want to use the printer on Samba server? The NTFS drive hanging the AD server? NFS RAID running on the Solaris? Then click, put in the user ID & password and you are in the business. Underneath this Windows friendly beats the heart based at Debian 3.1 Sarge. Linux kernel, but is upgraded to the version 2.6.18, with the additional updates for proprietary ATI & NVIDIA graphics drivers. It is no bleeding edge distribution and on other hand, by the Linux’s high standards, the Xandros is stable. Short of the power outage and I have not found anything that can take down. Distribution is as well LSB 3.1 compliant.


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Linux for Windows Users – Better Option for Users!

February 9th, 2012 No comments

Operating system is the heart of every computer system through which the user can perform any sorts of task easily. Basically, three common types of OS vastly use such as: Windows operating system, Linux operating system, and Mac operating system. In this regard Windows operating system is gaining much popularity due to its huge data base and easy accessibility for the users in any sort’s application. However, it is much complicate for the fresh users to access their required application because it requires some special command. On the other hand, the user can feel much comfortable through Linux operating system only for its easy accessibility. Due to these reasons, Linux OS is suitable for Windows users because it is an open sources operating system. So, the user can easily access or modify any program due to less code. After all these things, Linux is much cheaper with comparison to the Window operating system.

Additionally, the Microsoft licensed the Exchange protocols for Xandros for use at Scalix. And this, means we may expect better Exchange in the Xandros Pro. Additionally, the Xandros Professional deploys the customized desktop interface, which looks as well as acts like great deal Windows XP interface. Also, trick desktop out with the Windows applications as well as XP user can probably make use of Xandros for many days prior to figuring that it actually was not XP.  Oh, I did say that Windows applications. The Xandros includes CrossOver Office. Whereas not newest version of program that allows users to run lots popular Windows applications on the Linux (honor goes in CrossOver 6.1), it can give a lot of Windows users applications that they need. I have successfully Office 2000 & 2003 suites, Windows Media Player, Quicken 2005, as well as iTunes 5.01 on that.








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Linux for Windows Users – Get Flexibility!

February 8th, 2012 No comments

Linux is one of the leading operating system in this computer world. Though, the Windows operating system has a great reputation but now people starting to realize that Linux has also some great advantages over Windows operating system. In this regard Linux is also offering satisfied result to the user. When you compare Linux with Windows OS, you can find several advantage of Linux over Windows. T  he cost effectiveness is one of the greatest advantage of Linux. Now beginner can use this operating system easily to perform their various difficult tasks. Except cost effective Linux operating system also offer other useful advantages to the user. Fortunately, now Windows user can use Linux OS in their operating system. Now users have the more freedom to operate their favorite operating system with same computer. If you want to obtain more information about Linux Operating System, then its time to move for the online media.

As I think about Outlook as the safety hole, which pretends being email client, I like Evolution for the use with the Exchange and other mail server, which includes Xandros currently acquired Scalix, the well regarded source mail server. Additionally, Microsoft currently licensed the Exchange protocols for Xandros for use at Scalix. This, means we may expect better Exchange compatibility at Xandros Pro. Fine, now so let us say you are not the Windows business user. So, what is in the Xandros for you? Also, for the starters, the distribution allows both read & write to the Microsoft’s NTFS (the New Technology FileSystem) partitions with the Paragon Software NTFS for the Linux 5.0. With that, you may read & write to the hard drive’s Windows partitions. Some other Linuxes can allow you read from the NTFS, however Xandros makes that simple to get complete use out of the dual Windows or Linux boot computer hard disk.


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Linux for Windows Users – Get Many Advantages!

February 7th, 2012 No comments

Operating system is the most vital part of a computer and it assists the users to interact with the system. There are two types of operating system are used widely by the consumer such as Linux and Windows operating system. Although, Windows OS is still widely used by the consumers, but slowly and steadily the Linux operating system is managing a reputed position in the computer market. In comparison to Windows the Linux users have the power to control just about every aspect of the OS.  Well, if you are a Windows user and wanting to work on the Linux environment then it is quite possible these days. There are several advantages you can get from the Linux operating system over the Windows OS. Nor only you can get the Linux OS in cheap but also can access it so easily. So what are you waiting for, get the Linux OS to have the best advantage.

Also, it is one of first commercial distributions for integrating Portland 1.0 tools. The developers will also use the tools to make applications, which will very easily integrate in the Linux desktop irrespective of whether desktop is GNOME and KDE based. This is all well, however here is important part. This actually is the Linux distribution that the Windows user will make use of without tears. In order, to quote Kim, from his overview of the Linux desktops, “Xandros exactly did what that claimed: open the simpler passage for the Windows users through mountains of Linux.” Exactly. This is why, for me, the Xandros is Linux for the Windows users who grown sick & tired of the Windows’ endless safety holes and occasional crash. The Xandros works, and that works enough such as Windows XP, which even most Linux phobic client can appreciate that.



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Linux for Windows Users – Offer High Speed Performance!

February 6th, 2012 No comments

Now day’s there are several types of operating system available in the market such as Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX. However, after the Windows operating system the Linux OS has managed a good reputation among the user. Now, users are getting several benefits through Linux OS that they don’t able to find in Windows operating system. One such big example is Windows users have faced several problems in their PC such as operating system slowdown, virus attack and slow installation process but in case of Linux OS; users don’t have to face such kinds of problems. Comparison to Windows OS, in Linux operating system the use have to enter the password to make any changes but in Windows the administrator is the default user and because of this viruses can easily enter into the files without permission. High speed performance is also another big advantage of Linux over Windows operating system.

In short, it is decent, however in not any way, shape and form, the cutting edge system. I will be starting “best Linux desktop” with the review of best Linux for the Windows user who is keen to install their own distribution. Never get me totally wrong and my pick for the user, Xandros’ Xandros Professional 4.1, can get installed by anybody who is used the computer, and it is the big but, a few people get very twitchy at an idea to touch the operating system. For users, there is one more story, however this is the tale for other day. Let us now begin with basics. Why is the Xandros good Linux for the Windows users? For starters, you will use that as drop in replacement for Windows XP uses.


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Linux for Windows Users – Best For All Users!

February 5th, 2012 No comments

These days, everyone wants to use the latest and advance technology for accomplishing their professional and personal tasks. Today, there are numbers of technologies have come to market through which computer users are getting their desire results. However, selecting one of the best operating system is too difficult because these sorts of operating system have designed through latest technology with great features. However, Linux operating system is the best option for all computer users because it is allowing the users to accomplish their task easily. Also, this sort of operating system has considered as an advance system through which users are staying up-to-date with technology world. If you want to convert your windows operating system into Linux operating system, then you need to consider the installation and specification. By considering the installation process of Linux operating system, you can easily install it on your computer. The best benefit of this sort of OS is it allows you to get unlimited accessibility without any worries.

What is best desktop Linux? For me, it is SimplyMEPIS 6.5, soon being replaced by the 7.0. However, it this is dumb question and dumb answer. Real question is: what is best desktop system for you?  In case, I told you best 2007 car is the Mazda MX-5 Miata, I would be right, and according to the Consumer Reports. However, what is right, the middle aged with the lovely wife & no kids in home, is not what is right for the family.  In case, you make use of pre-installed Evolution for the email client as well as organizer that I recommend, you will find that integrates smoothly with the Microsoft Exchange -mail & groupware. As I think about Outlook as the security hole, which pretends being mail client, I prefer Evolution for the use with the Exchange or other mail server, which includes Xandros acquired Scalix, the well -regarded source mail server.



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Linux for Windows Users – Offer Great Flexibility!

February 4th, 2012 No comments

These days the demand of Linux operating system is going higher and higher. Although the Microsoft is a strong competitor of Linux but still it have many valuable advantage over Windows. With so many Microsoft related problems and viruses, many average users are looking for alternative operating system such as Linux. Now Window user can install Linux operating system in their system so easily. However after using the Linux operating system you can get the better idea, which operating system is the best one. The main advantage of Linux over Window is it is an open source nature. That means anyone can modify the underlying code in Linux. Linux is a great operating system for those who are willing to take the time to learn the program.  Price wise Linux is also far better cheap than Window operating system. Well, after all these benefits its time for Windows user to move for Linux.

What is best desktop Linux? And for me, it is SimplyMEPIS 6.5, being replaced by the 7.0. However, it is dumb question & dumb answer. Real question is: What is best desktop window system for you? In case, I told you best 2007 car is the Mazda MX5 Miata, I would as well be right, and according to the Consumer Reports. However, but what is right, the middle aged with the lovely wife & no in at home, is not what is right for the family of 4. For them, Honda Accord or Toyota Sienna makes little more sense. It is an exact similar thing with the desktop operating systems. And with this idea firmly in your mind, I have started looking in Linux desktops that are not for me however for any particular groups of the users. For tests, I will use Insignia 300a, older, house brand desktop computer with 2.8GHz Pentium CPU, GB of RAM & Ultra ATA or 100 60GB drive.


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Why Linux is Easier and Cheaper than Windows or Mac – Great Opportunity to Install!

November 4th, 2011 No comments days, many users have preferred to use the Linux operating system due to safe and secure features for running the applications. By the use of Linux operating system a person can get more experience about computing the data in a confidential field.

It is true when you are using the Windows or Mac operating system without anti-virus, you can face different kinds of problems that can not rectify in simple format. Ironically, study comes as Unilever has also revealed it is scaling back the ambitious Linux plans that announced 2 years before.

Quite opposite, if you are using the Linux operating system, then you are not facing any kind of trouble at your works. The Windows or Mac users can face mysterious application crashes. However, with the Linux operating system you cannot face this type of situation.

Although, you can rectify this type of application crash situations, and also you can detect which is the prime reason of the application crash. One of the vital problems of the Windows and Mac users can face system slowdown and fragmentation, malware, and such issue that have related to the operating system. However, if you are using the Linux operating system, you can come across from this sort of problems. It’s time to move for the online media and search the new version of Linux operating system.

There is as well lots of trash for the Linux – projects made with developers in your mind, ignoring the user feedback. Whereas the larger projects such as Firefox do come to listen to the users, and most of smaller projects will not. The users are seen as the excess baggage that just serves to complain of everything.

I ran in this in Pidgin forums: devs see Pidgin as just for themselves as hobby, not as something totally user oriented. It is the pattern I see in the open source software. Software is designed by devs, for devs, as well as in opinions of users. That, and a few issues with protocols as well as lack of a few features very much moved away from the Pidgin towards Trillian. Everyone experiencing the compatibility problems and most of the people buy computer, and not OS. Windows is installed on most of the machines, so it is what everyone ends up with.

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Why Linux is Easier and Cheaper than Windows or Mac – Common Question before Everyone!

October 27th, 2011 No comments Linux is easier and cheaper than Windows or Mac? It is a common question that every user wants to know before using it. There are lots of reasons behind it because according to the huge popularity of the windows from last several years.

It is never allow any one to secure their place in this field. Due to these reasons, the Linux user can get all sorts similar facilities like other expensive operating system. The main mottos of the Linux designer are competing with other reputed brands by decreasing their product’s cost. In this regard, the designers of the Linux are put pressure on the system users to think about their products.

The lower price of the product is never mention that it has some poor quality than other, so the designers are decreasing their cost to stay on the market. However, it is never so easy for the normal users to understand the process deeply.

At the same way, many leading enterprises have examined Linux deals mainly in order to set pressure on their accessible suppliers to lower prices. In this regard, they have never switched it for the industry observers in their business arena in place of the operating system. Here is why the Windows is much better than the Linux. (1) Installing the programs is simple with the windows as there is the standard.

Try to install the VLC as well as you can see what I actually mean. (2) So, anytime you try and install and change something on own computer you need to type the password. God forbid if you run a program in root, you get warning that exists. (3) Then installing anything very good in the Linux needs entire weekend to end up to learn how you can reinvent wheel. (4) To actually use any of the Linux distribution you are going to need to take the classes how the Linux works and spend some time reading lots of books as well as forums.

With help of various developers working in Apple and somewhere else, large OS X performance gap earlier reported here is significantly reduced. Most important improvement is use of the efficient algorithm that relies on the optimized BLAS for performing the key matrix operations.


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