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Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Easy For All Users!

March 17th, 2012 No comments

Now, computer programming is the more essential part of the commercial field to solve various types of project and designing works. It is also very important for presentation works. Instead of other, it is also an important part of engineering works. At the same way, these applications are more expensive and difficult to operate. So, only the expert can manage to solve it. However, users have a common idea that open source engineering applications related to Windows based application. But, in case of Linux based open source engineering applications the users can’t require more expertise and money to operate it to solve their engineering related task.

PythonCAD: The open source CAD project, which is written in the Python, is also aimed in giving the program, which is used with the great success on the Linux as well as Unix. The great program, PythonCAD gives many helpful features as well as useful tweaks, which will help you to enhance the abilities.

BlenderCAD: Part of open source projects that are offered by Blender Foundation, the computer assisted design gives many helpful utilities. Good user interface, as well as ability to carry different design projects, it is a good help to the engineers.

Archimedes: The multiple operating system source CAD program is very helpful for the engineers. It also uses the Rick Client Platform from the Eclipse, giving the extensible program. You may also customize the fairly easily and worthwhile engineering application.

OpenSCAD: It is meant for the programmers, it is the solid 3D CAD modeller. IT is the fairly basic modeller that is meant to focus at CAD aspects. It is not terribly artistic, however it does get a job —as well as get that done very well. Perfect for the engineers searching for something, which is practical.

Element Modeling & Fluid Dynamics

Lots of engineers know importance of the finite element modeling, and fluid dynamics. In case, these are the actions, which you have to carried out, then these open source application will help you out.


Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Right Option For Engineers!

March 16th, 2012 No comments

BRL-CAD is one of the best open source engineering applications of the Linux which is the right option for the Engineers to solve their task easily. This tool is also loaded with attractive menus and options that they can manage their any sorts engineering related editing or modification works easily. Basically, engineering applications are based on various project related works that more expensive than any other works. However, these works related tools are also much expensive and critical to operate. Due to these reasons, it is never possible for all users to managing their task easily as per their requirement. So, the Linux based open source engineering applications are becoming more popular due to their cheap cost and easy access.

Elmer: It is the cool software plan meant for people with the multiphysical problems. It includes modeling capability for the fluid dynamics, and electromagnetics or heat transfer. The great simulator for the engineers working in various fields

Impact: It is meant to be the simple alternative to a few of more complex finite element applications, The impact gives the solution for the engineers and this program as well makes use of the explicit time stepping the algorithm meant to simulate the dynamic situations. The impact is very helpful for the engineers who are working with the dynamic simulations.

OpenFVM: Released under GPL license, the open source software gives the CFD solver, which engineers may use for various projects. Besides, evaluating partial differential plans and equations, the OpenFVM will as well solve the non-isothermal multiphase flow.

SALOME: The open source platform that are aimed at the numerical simulation. The integration software will help the engineers to make the CAD CAE link. It uses one and more external solvers for helping to perform the computation, as well as displays results clearly.

Code_Aster: You may need to get the version in English, however when you have that, you may use open source software for helping you with the finite element applications and it is good engineering tool.


Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Offering Large Space To The Engineering!

March 14th, 2012 No comments

Open source engineering applications on Linux is offering large opportunity to the engineering community. This software is offering both the information regarding operation of the tools and process of engineering development. Instead of other tools, Linux open source engineering applications tools are more useful and effectively work in various engineering related works. Linux is both cheaper and easy to operate than any other open source engineering applications tools or software. It is also makes all sorts of computer related programming task easily. Basically, these sorts of programming are much costly, so the users can get similar sorts of facilities in cheap through Linux. Get some help with the visualization software and great tool for a lot of engineers and includes a few numerical computation program.

WorldWind: The cool application is NASA software application and you may get the great view of Earth and with help from the visualization software. It is good for the engineers searching for the 3D interactive globe.

VisIt: The visualization tool is very helpful to the engineers who are looking for the graphical analysis tool. It is one good method to view the scientific data. Works with the Linux & personal computer and tool developed by Department of the Energy

Sage: Engineers searching for the mathematics & numerical computation, who want the open source choice to other nonopen source applications out there suc has Matlab & Maple, will get Sage.

EngLab: The open source math platform is made with the engineers in mind and it is simple to use, and needs a little programming knowledge. The great solution & tool for the engineers searching for the scalability

OpenDX: Want to turn the data in o something very visual? Then this open source software can do that. The helpful application, which will help the engineers to turn the data in something that is seen and customize & distribute your tweaks

SciLab: The cool and free platform for the numerical computation will help you to turn the numbers in something more workable. The great tools for the engineers looking for help


Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Eliminate the Software License Cost!

March 14th, 2012 No comments

Almost everyone knows that Linux is an open source and free operating system. This operating system has mentioned as a huge library of containing free and quality applications. You can avail some commercial and engineering application from Linux. These applications can be easily installed on computer. If you want to use the open source engineering application in your business, then you need to move for the online media. Here, you can get the option to search one of the best open source engineering applications in cheap. Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions of Linux software. So, you can meet your requirements through this distributor of applications. The helpful & interesting, making use of the interface based on the Python.

Space Engineering

There are many cool open source software’s that are aimed at one who are working mainly with the space. In case, you are the space engineer, then these apps is of great help.

libnova: The celestial mechanics & astronomy are in the grasp with help of the open source program. Helps the engineers to calculate various orbit velocities, aberration, atmospheric refraction, as well as other properties

Java Astrodynamics Toolkit: It is perfect for astrodynamic engineer and uses Java, and gives the opportunity to use the library of components for making your application. Good for solving the unique issues, which you run over in the aerodynamics.

Rocket Workbench Project: in case, you are very much involved in engineering te experimental rockets, then this open source application is you. it is the free application, and released under the GPL license.

GMAT: General Mission Analysis Application is good for one interested in the space. It is developed by the NASA, this open source application will help the engineers to simulate trajectory as well as analyze missions.

Open SESSAME Framework: One more very cool space tool that the engineers will make use of to help to analyze various spacecraft operations. For engineers on cutting edge of the space science & technology, then this is one useful tool.


Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Reduced the Product Cost!

March 13th, 2012 No comments

In this competitive market, open source engineering applications are the best opportunities to draw a perfect a market position that can ensure the profits and sales. Now, this sort of applications are widely used for maintaining commercial database due to its offering numbers of  beneficial features like reliability, transparency, cross-platform, and the cost-effectiveness.  It is the best option to use this genre of application in your business for maintaining quality products with enhancing the sales and profits of your business. Now, you can obtain this application from online media and your local market. So, you can look for the cost-effective software through which you can get all sort of advantages for maintaining your business properly.

Internet Systems Consortium – Internet Systems Consortium is the nonprofit 501 public benefit co dedicated in supporting infrastructure of universal connected organizing Internet and autonomy of the participants by developing as well as maintaining the core production quality program, protocols, as well as operations.

Gmsh: Engineers will get very good use from the 3Dfinite element grid generator. It also comes with the build in CAD engine. Also, has own scripting language and this open source program is been released under the GPL. Includes the advanced abilities for the visualization.

Even though you do not have your domain name, or your own LAN, still you may benefit from making use of DNS server to let others to have an access of your Debian system. In case you have the single system well connected to Internet through cable or else DSL connection, you will have that act as the Web or email or FTP server using the neat service named “dynamic DNS” that we can cover later. The Dynamic DNS can also work with the modem in case, you would like to play over with that.



Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Bring the Benefits to Your Business!

March 12th, 2012 No comments

These days, almost every enterprise wants to use the open source engineering applications for their significant economic benefits. This sort of application can help the ventures to enhance the product performance, suppleness based on access to source code, and apply of scalable architectures. When you want to use this genre of application, you need to consider some specific benefits which are most efficient to manage the enterprise. These benefits discussed below.

  • Reduced the product cost
  • Eliminate the software license price tag
  • Shorter times to market

This sort of application is the best option for those ventures who want to increase their product sales and want to gain more goodwill from the market.  The alternative to conventional program engineering processes is sharing the source code freely to the programmers. Few are the strong believers in approach and examples of approach include Linux and free Apache Web Server. CVS is the version control system, the important component of the Source Configuration Management. Making use of it, you may record history of the sources files, as well as documents. It fills the similar role to free program RCS, PRCS, as well as Aegis packages. The CVS is production quality system in a wide use over the world, including a lot of free software projects.

Freshmeat – Freshmeat keps the large index of the Unix as well as cross platform software, themes as well as related “eyecandy”, and the Palm OS software. Many applications that are released preferably under the open source license, are cataloged in freshmeat database, as well as links to the new applications are all added everyday. Every entry gives the description of software, links you can download as well as to get more of information, and history of project’s releases, thus readers will keep uptodate on latest developments.


Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Offer Ability to Carry Out Different Design Project!

March 11th, 2012 No comments

These days several open source engineering applications offered by Linux. However, you need to choose the right engineering application to improve your capability in your professional field. BlenderCAD is one of the open source engineering application offered by Linux. This Linux based design software provides a number of helpful utilities such as great user interface, ability to carry out different design project. This open source engineering program can be quite helpful for engineers as it offer extensible program to them. It is really a worthwhile engineering tool that provides numerous functionalities to the users. So get this open source application and achieve a new height in your engineering career.

Summit gives Linux support distros and selection of the third party open source items. The team of the certified Linux support engineers are set to help you to resolve the technical issues and implement the next opensource project. No matter whether you run the small business and manage operations for large international corporation, The Summit Technology has expertise, which fits to your requirements.

We also cover various customer as well as business requirements and will customize services or tools you select for the mission critical systems. The guide was made as the overview of Linux Operating System, and geared toward the new users as the exploration tour as well as started guide, with exercises at an end of every chapter. For advanced trainees it is the desktop reference, as well as collection of base knowledge required to proceed with the system as well as network administration. The book has a lot of real life examples that are derived from author’s experience as the Linux system or network administrator, consultant and trainer. They also hope that the examples can help you get the better understanding of Linux system and you feel very much encouraged to try things on own.

Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Provides Numerous Helpful Features!

March 10th, 2012 No comments

If you are looking for one of the best open source engineering application on Linux then BRL-CAD is such type of open source engineering application can fulfil your needs. Engineers can use it to engage in solid modeling. This software is also great with interactive editing, image processing tools and analysis capability. This is really a great tool for any open source engineering toolbox. This open source engineering program can be used with great success on Linux and UNIX. It also provides numerous helpful features and valuable tweaks that can help you to improve your abilities. So just move for it!

And not familiar with the Open source nature of the Linux has intrigued embedded engineers, as well as latest kernel releases have given the new features allowing more of robust functionality for the embedded applications. The enhanced real time performance, simpler porting to the new architectures, and support for the microcontrollers as well as improved IO system give the embedded engineers more reasons to like Linux! However, rapid evolution of Linux world will result in the eternal search for the new information sources, which can help the embedded programmers to keep that up! The completely updated edition of noted Doug Abbott’s respected the introduction to the embedded Linux brings the readers to speed on latest developments. The practical, handson guide covers many issues of the special concern to the Linux users in embedded space, and taking in account the specific needs as well as constraints.

You can find the updated information on:

• BlueCat Linux

• Configuring & building kernel

• GNU toolchain

• Debugging on target

• Devices Drivers

• Kernel Modules

• RTAI environment

• Realtime programming tips & techniques

• Embedded Networking

• Lots more

Accompanying CDROM has all source code from book’s examples, useful software as well as other resources for helping you to get up to speed fast. This is reference you can reach for one again! Summit Technology gives the comprehensive enterprise level Linux support for entire IT environment and from desktop to data center.

Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Open cascade is one of the Best Engineering Application!

March 9th, 2012 No comments

Do you know that Linux has made a move to strengthen is position in the open source software market? Well, there are several Linux based open source engineering applications available in the market for the greatest flexibility for the user. If you are looking for one of the best Linux based open source engineering application out there then Open CASCADE is may be the right option for you. This open source application allows the users for 3D surface modelling and also data exchange visualizations. This Open CASCADE is really very powerful and flexible open source software for engineering and others.

Orekit: It is one good tool for the engineers that are involved in the satellite orbit as well as other features of the space dynamics. The effort represents the attempt to build the complete index of the Open Source or Free GIS related software. Effort has a few method to go, particularly for the projects in the languages other than the English. Definition of the GIS is kept loose to encompass various projects that deal with the spatial data. In case, you know of some other sites, which must get listed tell me about all of them. Importantly in case, I have made errors in characterizing the project, then let me know: bglewis<at>

The effort stands on sturdy shoulders of some other projects, notably OSRS,, Fresh and Metalab Linux Archive. Descriptive text that gathered from project site is in the quotes. All of the projects fit definition of the Open Source Program like defined by Open Source Initiative, as well as most of them fit stricter definition of the Free Software like defined by Free Software Foundation. Also, after a lot of good years working for the ATS, Inc. I have taken the position with the Harvard’s Center for the Geographic Analysis. For the list of some interesting GIS related websites, check the bookmarks.


Open Source Engineering Applications on Linux – Accomplish Your Critical Engineering Task Very Easily!

March 8th, 2012 No comments

If you are in engineering career then you must know that you always require computer programs to accomplish your various difficult tasks. These computer programs can be very expensive at times and also difficult to customize. In this regard with the help of open source Linux based engineering application you can find lower price as well as the code that allows you to customize to your need. You can surely benefit from open source software in your engineering career. FreeCAD application can be a very good option for you if you are searching for an open source 3D computer assisted program.

In case, you are very much interested in the engineering, then probably know you require some computer programs for helping you to accomplish different tasks. All these computer applications are expensive, though, and difficult to customize. Also, with help of the open source program, though, you may generally find the lower costs as well as have an access to code, which allow you customize as required.

Doesn’t matter your engineering salary, and you may benefit from the open source software. So, here are 25good open source software apps, which engineers may find very helpful:

CAD Software

In case, you are searching for the computer aided design application, you may find the open source versions and these are good resources.

FreeCAD: In case, you are searching for the open source 3D computer design program, then this is the good option. It includes macro recording, as well as loadable extensions. The platform independent or features good support for the users and useful design program for the engineers.

Open CASCADE: The best source engineering technologies there. The great opportunity to enable 3D surface modeling, and data exchange or visualization The powerful open source application for the engineers and many more.

BRLCAD: It is the cross platform source CAD application. The engineers may also use that to engage in the solid modeling. Good with the interactive editing, and image processing tools or analysis the capability. This is one great tool for open source engineering box