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Ubuntu for Beginners – Proper Installation Required!

January 9th, 2012 No comments for beginners has always remained as a trickiest job to handle. Faster ways for the users to get the quick note about the Ubuntu is by downloading it from the download page. However, the users are also needed to make sure that the version they have required to install on their system. Basically, 32 bit is much suitable for download. However, the user has supported the 64 bit of OS. It is only required for the smooth processing of the system. However, the systems will support the 64 bit but it slowdown the computer system to perform with any application on it.

After completion of downloading the users will require to burn the downloaded in the USB stick or CD. In this regard, if the users have the complete knowledge about the process, then they can perform the work smoothly without any complications. For the better guidance of the user the application designers have also offered the detailed instructions for Ubuntu under the show me how button that the user only require clicking on it.

After that the users will put the newly loaded CD or USB stick to reboot their system. In this regard, all the system will boot it successfully. Apt will not conjure the packages out of the thin air and that makes use of uses repositories – the vast databases of the software packages, which make sure latest versions of the software are very easily accessible from one place. In order, to add more of repositories, we suggest starting just by installing the repository manger.

Type the sudo wget / usr/bin/addrepo in the terminal window for installing addrepo, and then sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/addrepo for settng the permissions in a right way. To add other source for the software is very simple; when you have installed the addrepo, you may do that in a terminal just by typing something all along lines of the addrepo deb lucidseveas all. In case, you find the new repositories on internet, then they can generally give you right details for entering. You can as well do that graphically just by going to the ‘System | Administration and Software Sources to Third Party Software and Add’. You need to type apt-get distupgrade for bringing the installed distro in lieu with the current standards automatically.

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Ubuntu for Beginners – Know The Procedure To Install Ubuntu!

January 8th, 2012 No comments you are a beginner and want to install Ubuntu on your computer, then it is not an easy task at all. You have to follow some user’s guide and installation process to install Ubuntu on your system. You have to know about the procedure and how it works and how can you optimize the system for better result. You have to read some beginners guide tips to have better optimization of the system. While you are using ubuntu system for the first time you will see a boot flash screen which is called as USplash.

When your Linux program is booting the USplash covers up what is going on the background. To create your Ubuntu desktop first you have to type of the user name and password and after that you will find that the program is loading and after a few second the ubuntu desktop appear on your screen. It is always a better solution for users to try ubuntu program on their computer without any change of setting. Ubuntu 10.10 is the latest version of ubuntu software available in the market.

This version of ubuntu was preferred by many IT experts and it is also very well known for its faster processing and easy access. All this deserve place on the hard drive. There is single package, which can open up the world of more customisation choices for you, and it is the ubuntu tweak. You may also download DEB package by installing the repository manger. Type the sudo wget / usr/bin/addrepo in the terminal window for installing the addrepo, and then sudo chmod +x usr/bin/addrepo for setting the permissions in a right way.

To add some functionality to the Ubuntu you need to begin with the Gnome-Do that simplifies as well as speeds up looking for the programs as well as files, and activating the functions. So, look in a package manager for the ‘gnome-do’ (and install that making use of aptget) for adding it. You can now find that in Ubuntu menu. Get the Gnome-Do running, and hit [Super]+[Space] and [Super] is [Windows] key on the standard computer keyboard. Left hand pane has item that you are looking for, when right hand pane can eventually have an action to get applied to. We can make use of Firefox as the example application for the Gnome-Do.

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Ubuntu for Beginners – Look for the Pre Loaded Systems!

October 3rd, 2011 No comments of the time, Ubuntu for beginners can really produce few issues that needs to be handled properly! Most of the time initial users for Ubuntu seem to be confused about the use of such application. If you are looking for the best use of Ubuntu, then it’s time to buy such PCs and laptops from the market for which Ubuntu has been installed previously.

These PCs and laptops are coming to the market with a pre installed version of Ubuntu and offering users great results on the use.  There are also few marketers for Ubuntu who are involved with the shipping of this product for quite a few years like Dell, ZaReason and system 76.

If you are looking for the right kind of system that allows you to get the best use of Ubuntu, then these vendors can offer you better deals always. If you are not in the market to buy your new PC for which Ubuntu has been pre installed, then it’s time to look for the methods through which you can install Ubuntu with your existing PC.

There is no need to have any changes with your computer and you can install Ubuntu easily for it to get the best use. Ubuntu’s package management programs are, since you may have seen, and not at all restricted to command line. The Synaptic Package Manager is the excellent interface for the apt. In order, to open that, go to the ‘System | Administration and Synaptic Package Manager’.

Then part of a fun of the repositories is to hunt around them for some interesting packages – and feel free having the poke about! Ubuntu is the free software, thus a lot of features are now left out by the default for the licensing reasons. This will not stop you to install installing them yourself. In order, to get Flash plug in, support for the MP3 as well as DVD playback, or standard TrueType fonts (other things), then search Synaptic Package Manager at ‘ubuntu-restricted-extras’ or install that.

All essentials are in this single package. Ubuntu’s default range of the games is a bit weak. There is the wealth of gold gaming on default repositories, although. You can search for or check out following: Tremulous, decent first shooter; FlightGear, the seasoned as well as accurate flight sim; Gridwars, the flashy top down retro shooter; or vDrift, the track based simulator for racing.

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Ubuntu for Beginners – Several Advantages for Beginners!

September 20th, 2011 No comments has a big record of being difficult for beginners. For many years Linux was only for experts and it was very difficult for starter and also it is not too user friendly. However, as the time move on the concept of Linux has changed considerably.

It is becoming so easy to use year by year. The complicated function has changed into simpler access. Now, the average users and beginners are starting to like this application. The invention of ubuntu application program made it all easy for beginners as it is very simple and easy to access. This is not too difficult to setup ubuntu for a new user.

There are many advantages for beginners to install ubuntu application on their system. The main advantage of ubuntu application is its set up is much like window setup, so the user might not have to face the difficulties while installing ubuntu on their computer.

Ubuntu is an ideal choice for starters wanting try out Linux. Beginners don’t have to intimidate by the installation process. It is actually for those users who are used to the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The installation process is so easy compared to some other Linux distros.

Open the terminal window (choose from menu, or else hit [Alt]+[F2] as well as type gnome terminal), type sudo apt-and get the update to make sure Ubuntu’s knowledge of the packages is completely up to date. Next step is turning the installed packages in a shiny new version that you will be able to do by making use of the slightly different command in a terminal window: the apt-get upgrade.

Insert that (remembering prefix it with the sudo that tells the Ubuntu to do action as the super user) as well as apt get can hammer through a list, marking as well as installing any of the packages, which have the fallen behind times. Apt is the monster of tool and it will help you to stay right on cutting edge with the little and no effort on part.

Let us say, for instance, you have had the Ubuntu installation that is running for some time, however you would like to install latest version of OS. You have to do the full backup, burn the new disc, sit through the reinstallation process as well as cross fingers, right? Wrong.

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Ubuntu for Beginners – Few Names to Recon!

July 6th, 2011 No comments are several Ubuntu users and all these users are really trying to make the most of their systems. This sort of application has been generated in order to make the systems working proper as well as offering users more flexibility on the use. However, sometime users may come across few issues while trying to use Ubuntu with their systems. If you are really looking for the best use of Ubuntu, then you need to consider few points beforehand. In this regard, the first step you should consider such a PC or laptop for which Ubuntu has already been installed.

There are several models for PC and laptops are available in the market for which Ubuntu has been pre installed and offering users wide range of productivity on the use. Dell, System 76, ZaReason are the few computer manufacturers names that are offering their users a great use of Ubuntu by offering it in a pre installed format.  If you are looking for the best use of Ubuntu, then ask the retailers about the PCs or laptops for which Ubuntu has been installed previously.

These names are also the most reputable names that deal in Ubuntu equipments for several years. Then right-click desktop and select ‘Change Desktop Background’ for loading. You may also change look of the desktop’s windows from ‘Appearance Preferences’ window and then click Theme tab, and click on the style and see how that can actually look and in case, you click on ‘Customise’, then you may combine the elements from various themes that you want. Select one, hit [Tab] or use [down] arrow for selecting action to perform on that.

In order, to get most out of the Ubuntu desktop, then you will require optimal drivers for the graphics card. Theey are not at all installed by the default, however in case, you go to the ‘System | Administration or Hardware Drivers’, you can see all your options that you have. Choose latest driver, and install it or restart.

You can then get the fancier looking desktop in case, you switch on the visual effects (‘System Preferences Appearance Visual Effects’). Then install ‘compiz’ settings application – then search Synaptic for the ‘compizconfig’ –as well as you will have an access to a lot more stylish tweaks. There is the neat desktop application, which is based on code behind the Gnome-Do (discussed elsewhere), which emulates dock from the Mac OS X.

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Ubuntu for Beginners – Why not get it today!

June 2nd, 2011 No comments present, it is very simple to use the Ubuntu application. You need to purchase a PC or laptop from the computer vendors, and then you need to install the Ubuntu on your PC. Also, you can get the Ubuntu application from the reputable computer vendors.

These computer vendors can offer the instruction to use the Ubuntu easily and successfully. If you are having a PC before, then you have the right chance to use the Ubuntu application. At the time of installation, you don’t require to change the system configuration. These days, the latest version of the Ubuntu is 10.10, so you can download it online.

There are numbers of designers offering the Ubuntu application in trail version through their website so that user can use the Ubuntu application in trail pack. With the help of trail version, the users can get more knowledge about how to use the Ubuntu application on PC.

When you are downloading the Ubuntu application from online and next moment you need to burn the application in a CD. If you are a beginner, and don’t have any idea to use the Ubuntu application, then you can get the direct support from the application designers. In this way, you can know the path to use the Ubuntu application successfully. Fastest method to get the copy is download that from Ubuntu download webpage. Not very sure which of the version to get? Go for 32-bit.

Type this in the terminal: sudo wget ://www.medibuntu. orgsources.list.d/$ (lsb_ release -cs). list –outputdocument=/ etc/apt/ sources.list.d/medibuntu. After that run the sudo apt-and get it install w32codecs for getting appropriate files. You can find the VLC listed in the Synaptic under search for the ‘VLC’. Like most of the apps, that installs many other programs at a same time that it requires to run. But, it will not install Firefox plug-in –look for the ‘mozilla-plugin-vlc’ and find it in case, you would like media handled in the browser.

To share the files with the Windows computers? You require Samba and search for the ‘samba’ in Synaptic, mark packages ‘samba’ as well as ‘system-config-samba’ for the installation & click on ‘Apply.’ You may also use configuration app for setting up linked shares permanently. It is totally worth try and search Synaptic for the ‘docky’, install that, and you can configure the minutest details by just clicking an icon on a far left.


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Ubuntu – Beginner’s First Choice!

May 25th, 2011 1 comment,A-B-210323-13.pngMost of the computer users are interested in Linux, but still they are little bit worry about the complication process of Linux. However, now the time has been changed and the Linux has come a long way. Now, the beginners can jump to Linux and test the power of Linux quickly and safely.

There are several varieties of Linux application programs available for users, but one of the most popular distributions is Ubuntu Linux. It is also the beginner’s first choice because it’s made to be easy and intuitive to use. The user can get Ubuntu for any computer.

There are several versions of Ubuntu available but the Ubuntu Netbook Remix is the best version for an absolute beginner. The user can use ubuntu with a desktop or notebook computer.

The Ubuntu Netbook Remix is the new version ubuntu Linux. By choosing this version of ubuntu the programmers don’t have to anxious about adding in the configuration thousand of different hardware combination. That means you get a well-organized and splendid little operating system that will perfectly fit your netbook.

The Ubuntu Netbook Remix is really easy to use and it normally works out of the box. So, beginners don’t waste time! Go for the Ubuntu Linux. Taking the trip in weird as well as wonderful world of the Linux with world’s most famous distro is not easiest of tasks, mainly in case, you are used to the Windows’ clean embrace. This is not helped by fact that the Ubuntu is not as featured fully as it must be from start.

Learn a little about the, as well as get up to run with a few interesting as well as helpful tools just by following the guide. Any of Linux installation worth salt can alert you instantly to any of the changes that have to be made when installation is done, mainly in case, you have installed from a Live CD that might not be entirely up Auto updater is not an only method to get the system up to the speed.

Package manager – that deals with installing, downloading, as well as configuring the new programs –may need a bit of kick, however. Not very sure which of the version to get? Go for 32bit. Even though your machine will support 64bit of operating system, 32bit of edition can run fine on the PC.

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Ubuntu is user friendly

April 17th, 2011 No comments

Ubuntu is a user friendly application for which users will only require a PC or laptop to perform it. In this regard, the users are only required to download it in their system to enjoy the various advantage of the Ubuntu.

It is also easily available for the user because many leading computer designers have distributed Ubuntu equipment. So, the user will get their required Ubuntu from any of them.

If the users already have a system, then they have required downloading it in their PC without changing their system sitting. Now day’s Ubuntu 10.10 has been mentioned as the latest version that is well known for its faster processing and run.

In this regard, the users may require 32 bit support machine for the smooth running as if your system can allow 64 bit. After downloading the users can burn the image in a USB stick or CD.

However, it is always important for the user to stay aware about entire downloading process for better result. In this way, the Ubuntu download page is also guiding the user a lot because the user can collect details information about the Ubuntu by a click on the show me how button for more details.

This must boot you in the Ubuntu session and there are some other methods to try out the new Linux distribution, however you will not have to worry with it. The live CD and USB stick is all that you have to begin with.

When you have downloaded it, you will have to burn downloaded image to CD or USB stick. In case, you are not very sure about how you can do this, then do not worry about that,

Ubuntu download webpage includes the detailed instructions, under “show me” button. And trust me, in case, you know how you can work the computer, you may do this. After that, all you have do, is to put freshly burned CD and USB stick in computer as well as reboot that.

Almost all the modern computers can boot up as well as give you choice to try Ubuntu out and installing it. As, at this point you are fooling around with the Ubuntu for getting the feel for that, choose Try Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu for Beginners – Download and Install Today!

April 15th, 2011 No comments

There are a few ways that you should take into consideration while looking for the best use of Ubuntu. If you don’t have  a PC and you are out there at the market to buy your new PC, then you need to look for such systems for which Ubuntu has been pre installed.

In this way, you can get the best use of Ubuntu. If you are already having a PC and you want to install Ubuntu for it, then all you will require following certain simple steps.

There is no need to do any changes with your system and Ubuntu will be installed. First you will need to look for the latest version of Ubuntu online. Download it and install it with your PC, it’s so simple! If you have been prompted to opt for the higher versions, then don’t go for it.

These elements are for experts. You need to download such version with which you can work conveniently. If you are new to the Linux use, then you should stay more cautious about this sort of issue.

The fastest way to download Ubuntu is always there at the Ubuntu download page. If you are not sure about which version to get, then opt for the 32 bit. Ubuntu’s default layout is mix of the OS X & Windows and to fiddle with panels, you can right click empty spot & select on ‘Properties’. You may as well add and remove the elements with appropriate command.

In case, you have installed Docky, and you might have to shift one panel out of way. There is one premier artistry for Linux, and this is GIMP. In case, there were award for ‘most of the Photoshop features aped’, then it will win 2 of them.

That will not come on the standard Ubuntu CD, however that deserves to, thus grab that from the Synaptic Package Manager or get doodling. First, you will have to download the copy of latest version of the Ubuntu.

Now, this is Ubuntu 10.10 and you are tempted to try newer version. Do not give in to the temptation. Alpha & beta releases of Linux system are for the expert users, and not somebody who is trying Linux for first time. Even though your machine will support 64bit operating system, 32bit edition can run fine on your computer.

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Ubuntu for Beginners – Get Easy Access from It!

April 5th, 2011 No comments

The user can get easy access or know the process of the Ubuntu from the any PC or laptop that has already been loaded with the Ubuntu.

From years, many leading computer sellers like the Dell, ZaReason and system76 have distributed the Ubuntu equipment in the market. So, the user can get the right information regarding the Ubuntu by consults with the sellers.

It is always better for the users to try the Ubuntu in their old computer without change any settings. In this way, the user can stay aware about the Ubuntu that whether or not it has been supported by their system.

After that the user can make any sorts of changes in their system setting to support the Ubuntu. Before all these things, the users require to download a copy of the advanced version of Ubuntu.

Now, the latest version of Ubuntu 10.10 is available in the market, so the users have tried it in their computer system. The beta and alpha liberate of any Linux systems are for experience users but it is never suitable for the user who’s using the Linux for the first time.

In this regard, there are some steps required to follow by the user to install the Ubuntu in their system. You can start typing firefox as well as it must come in a left window after some letters – this is all that you have to type. Now hit the [Tab] to switch for the second pane, then begin typing an action that you want to perform, like Close or Minimise.

Arrow keys are the satisfying way for navigating over Gnome Do. Begin typing in a first pane, and then hit [down] and see all possible choices that you have.

Make use of [right] expanding the folders or else panels. Gnome-Do will also act on about any of the software and bring up window with the [Super] + [Space], click little down arrow in top right corner as well as choose the Preferences.

You may after that, add some plug ins for the whole thing from the Google tools or Twitter to the music players like RhythmBox. Ubuntu features a few pretty – and clearly Mac-inspired – the purple desktop backgrounds, however no operating system really is yours till you have plastered the picture of cat all across it.

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